Favourite Western Cook Books

November 8, 2012 · Posted in Cook Books · Comment 

A few nice cook books images I found:

Favourite Western Cook Books
cook books
Image by Ian Fuller
These are the books I use most often when cooking Western food. The "Oxford Companion" is not a book of recipes but a trove of information about food and ingredients from around the world.

09_0326 Chafing Dish Book
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Image by joseph readdy
The inside has a clear, simple layout – almost a letterpress quality.
Some of the recipes are a little scary, but I might try some of them for a Mad Men dinner.

Addy’s Cook Book.
cook books
Image by SteffanyF!
This is OLD.

Fennel and leek gratin, new favourite

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A few nice low carb recipes images I found:

Fennel and leek gratin, new favourite
low carb recipes
Image by Manne
Season with black pepper and a tiny bit of ground nutmeg (smells sharp, but don’t worry, it will come out the oven beautifully).

Perfect low carb dish, with steak, pork chops or stir fried chicken.

See recipe at Tummyrumble, my food blog.

Taco Joes
low carb recipes
Image by Adventures of Pam & Frank
Addictive variation on nachos. We call it Taco Joes, but the inspiration came from my favorite hot lunch at school, "Taco Crunch."
Recipe posted here.

We sometimes substitute the tortilla chips with pork rinds to make it low carb. It’s just as addictive either way.