Nice Family Meals photos

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Check out these family meals images:

family meals
Image by Hellofoto!

family meals
Image by smithereen11

Cool Family Meals images

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Some cool family meals images:

France in family European road trip 2014.
family meals
Image by kingjn

Treasured Land, Part 1
family meals
Image by Ladyhawke
SoulTrek 2006

Nice Family Meals photos

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Some cool family meals images:

De Kas
family meals
Image by magnusdigity
At this amazng restaurant, the chef goes into the garden and picks your fixed menu lunch from whats growing right now.

Family friends, The Forsters, gave us a meal at De Kas in Amsterdam for a wedding gift. Thank you so much – it was a perfect day.

Day 356 – A quick visit with Kevin and his family
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Image by LShave
My original plan, and the reason why I ceased being a Peace Corps volunteer over a week ago even though I’m not going home until tomorrow, was to be in Honduras all last week. My dad is the director of a Christian school in Syracuse, NY, and he and a group of Spanish students were supposed to be traveling to Honduras to work at a children’s hospital on the eastern coast. I was to meet them there, then travel to El Salvador with my dad while the team went back to Syracuse. He and I would have spent a day in San Salvador, and a day with my host family in San Vicente before going back.

Given the current situation in Honduras, however, my dad and the other trip organizers decided last week to cancel the trip. As a result, I had an extra week to spend in Torola, for which I was tremendously grateful. I felt that I was able to really say “goodbye” the way I needed to.

Today, even though my dad’s not with me, I’m in San Vicente with the family that I lived with for three months during training. I arrived last night in time for dinner, and I’ll be taking off today after lunch to go back to San Salvador and get my bags ready for my flight tomorrow. I scheduled the trip this way so that I could share three meals—dinner, breakfast, and lunch—with the family, my host mom being an excellent cook. Kevin, her grandson, is eight years old now, which means that he goes to school in the afternoons instead of the mornings. When he got home from school yesterday, I gave him a couple of toys, and we’ve been hanging out and playing together ever since. He likes to play with marbles, torment the dogs, parrots, cats, and ducks that live in the compound, play soccer, and tell jokes, so that’s what we’ve spent most of our time doing.

Leaving Josué and Marleni behind on Monday was difficult, but saying goodbye to Emma, Priscilla, and Kevin will be a lot easier, as I only lived with them for three months, as opposed to two years. This visit with them helps to make the transition a little bit easier.

Laura & Gary’s Wedding
family meals
Image by Darcie
Ceremony at Culross Abbey
Meal/Reception @ Elgin Hotel, Culross

Nice Family Meals photos

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Check out these family meals images:

Family Meal
family meals
Image by mdavidford
Lamb feeding next to its mother near North Leigh

family meal.
family meals
Image by linecook

Nice Family Meals photos

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Check out these family meals images:

Signorello Estate Winery, Napa Valley, California, USA
family meals
Image by jimg944
History of the Signorello Estate Winery:

Starting the Venture
Ray Signorello Jr. began his journey as winemaker and vineyard owner in the Napa Valley during the mid 1980’s. Ray, born in San Francisco, California, moved to Vancouver, Canada where the Signorello family continues to maintain a home. Ray divides his time between Napa, San Francisco, Vancouver and business related travel. Ray’s father, Ray Sr., initiated the vineyard project during the mid 1970’s by purchasing the 100-acre estate located on the Silverado Trail in the beautiful Napa Valley. Ray Sr. worked side by side with Ray Jr., establishing the winery’s reputation for excellence until his passing in the fall of 1998.

No Turning Back
Signorellos’ original plan was to grow quality grapes to sell to existing wineries, but the harvest of 1985 changed this plan into a new level of evolvement. The bountiful crop allowed Signorellos to custom crush the excess grapes. This opportunity demonstrated what fabulous wine their vineyards were capable of producing. The project continues to grow, as do the spectacular 42 acres planted in several different varietals. Ray’s continuing effort represents the invested energies that created this reality from a dream.

In 1986 the Signorellos began the second phase of the venture, this was the building of the main winery structure. This beautiful building is used for barrel storage, wine tasting and retail sales. Along with the building of the winery, wine production was expanded to include Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot Noir. By the end of the 1980’s the Signorello family was thoroughly committed to making wine as well as growing grapes.

The decade of the nineties proved to be pivotal for Signorello Estate. In 1990 the first planting of red varietals began on the property- Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot and Syrah.

What brought the Signorellos to the Napa Valley was the romantic side of winemaking; growing grapes, working the land, and enjoying the wine country lifestyle of camaraderie, good wine and great meals. While the Valley lifestyle is a very real part of the business, there is a serious responsibility to making a dream become a reality, both father and son realized this fact early in the endeavor.

This venture was a dream; now it is reality.

family meals
Image by North Carolina National Guard
Employees for John Deere Ag & Turf Division in Cary, N.C., donate more than 560 school backpacks for North Carolina National Guard Family Programs, Aug. 21, 2015. The employees of the military appreciation group lead by Gail Dawes, wife of NCNG Command Sgt. Maj. Christopher Dawes, carried, drug and tossed the packs in the back of a NCNG Medium Tactical Vehicle for transport to Guard HQ and later distribution to Guard families during upcoming drills. The employees continue a commitment began by the company in 2005 supporting various family programs events including Christmas meal donations. “It is important to walk the walk, it is everything to us,” said Denver Caldwell, manager of U.S. and Canada turf marketing. The bags will be stuffed with school supplies from previous donations from Wells Fargo, Operation Homefront and Dollar Tree. (U.S. Army National Guard photo by Sgt. 1st Class Robert Jordan / Released)

Chinese food
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Image by Like_the_Grand_Canyon
Family style!

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