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Cool Family Meals images

August 23, 2015 · Posted in Family Meals · Comment 

Check out these family meals images:

fry mountain
family meals

Image by EvelynGiggles
A family tradition wherever we get fries – the kids love it! It’s called: SHARING!

family meals

Image by sobolevnrm
Lunch in Akko/Acre – 3

Cool Recipes images

August 21, 2015 · Posted in Recipes · Comment 

A few nice recipes images I found:

Warm Spinach, Mushroom Salad

Image by rexipe
Warm Spinach, Mushroom Salad

This is a delicious salad made with Spinach and lovely warm mushrooms lightly tossed in a wok with some spring onions and a wholegrain mustard and balsamic dressing


500 g spinach
5 Shiitake mushrooms (sliced)
3 large sliced tomatoes
2 spring onions
1 teaspoon of olive oil

1 teaspoon wholegrain mustard
4 tablespoons balsamic vinegar
1 teaspoon of crushed garlic

Put a wok or a pan over heat
Slice the spring onions and put them in a wok with a bit of olive oil
Wait until the spring onions start sizzling
Add the sliced mushrooms and cook for about 5 mins
Put the spinach in a large bowl
Add the tomatoes and mushrooms mixture
Prepare the dressing by adding the mustard, balsamic vinegar and garlic into a small bowl and mix well
Lightly toss the salad and add the dressing
Season with some pepper

(Rexipe.com, London)
See this and other free recipes on www.rexipe.com

aspic of evil innards

Image by chotda
an updated take on bunchofpants’ vintage recipe for something called danish garden salad. lima beans, carrots, zucchini, and prosciutto encased in a gelatinous mix of aspic, danish bleu cheese and cream. it’s um. not bad. but then again not particularly good.

Cool Family Meals images

August 17, 2015 · Posted in Family Meals · Comment 

Some cool family meals images:

family meals

Image by KierDuros

family meals

Image by CateWu

90th B-Day Weekend – Thursday
family meals

Image by darastar
my mom’s cousin Carol with all of the food we had.

Cool Barbecue Foods images

August 12, 2015 · Posted in Barbecue Foods · Comment 

A few nice barbecue foods images I found:

Easiest. Roast chicken recipe. In the world. #foodie
barbecue foods

Image by urbanbohemian

Bacon-wrapped jalapeno poppers
barbecue foods

Image by albedo20
another food that would have been hard to find in the Levant

Food At Sherry’s
barbecue foods

Image by jwinfred

Cool Family Meals images

August 11, 2015 · Posted in Family Meals · Comment 

Check out these family meals images:

family meals

Image by Ellery Chen

family meals

Image by iskws

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