Cool Cook Books images

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A few nice cook books images I found:

cook books
Image by roland

Cupid Doesn’t Flip Hamburgers
cook books
Image by School Library Learning Commons
AUTHORS: Debbie Dadey and Maria Thornton Jones

ILLUSTRATOR: John Steven Gurney

SERIES: The Adventures of the Bailey School Kids ; book 12

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The Bailey School kids decide to investigate when it appears that the new cook in the school cafeteria might really be Cupid.

The Granville Project
cook books
Image by kate.gardiner
Granville was once a street to be avoided – gang activity, prostitution, drug trafficking, and a grungy atmosphere detracted from… everything. But the community has rebounded – into the brick wall of this recession.

Cool Cookbook images

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A few nice cookbook images I found:

The People’s Cookbook
Image by checkmihlyrics
The People’s Cookbook: A Celebration of the Nation’s Life in Food

Image by YoAmes
peach parfait served up after freezing

Cool Cookbook images

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Some cool cookbook images:

Chocolate Self Saucing Pudding
Image by BlueBec

Chef Bluebeard’s Cookbooks
Image by Shan Jeniah
Our Family Room Desk, December 20, 2013

Cool Family Meals images

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Check out these family meals images:

Dad & daughter prepare Chinese Lunar New Year meal
family meals
Image by sniggie
After the last restaurant guest leaves, a chef prepares a sumptuous meal for his family. His daughter shows off for the camera a huge lobster that all will soon be eating.

The parents immigrated to the United States from Fujian, China, a province with a long coast line that borders the Taiwan Straight and China Sea. The family prepares a lot of seafood with their traditional Chinese Lunar New Year’s Eve meal.

Fall Farm Picnic at Soul Food Farm – 26
family meals
Image by SusieWyshak
Chicken from The Whole Beast, amazing farm to table vegetables, and a beautiful Fall benefit for Gleason Family Farm at Soul Food Farm in Vacaville

Cool Diet images

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Check out these diet images:

Diet Pepsi
Image by nickjeffery
Multipack can

Diet Building
Image by CookieM

Balanced diet
Image by StacieBee

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