Filipino Chicken and Coriander Slaw

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A few nice recipes images I found:

Filipino Chicken and Coriander Slaw
Image by qatsi
Recipes from Recipe Tin Eats and Simply Scratch. February 2020.

seafood zucchini boats
Image by going on going on
pic for a website. I did an extra zucchini in this one basically, so that is why they aren’t filled too full.…

Nice Cookbook photos

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A few nice cookbook images I found:

Deviled Clams
Image by mdxi

The Art of Cookery, 1760 (Content)
Image by College of William & Mary Law Library
Read more about George Wythe’s library and this book in Wythepedia: The George Wythe Encyclopedia.

Nice Family Meals photos

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Some cool family meals images:

401st AFSB Thanksgiving 2012 at Bagram
family meals
Image by 401st_AFSB
Thanksgiving at Bagram. Since we can’t be with family, the DFAC folks go all out to decorate and have the traditional Thanksgiving Dinner with all the trimmings. 401st personnel took turns serving before they sat down to enjoy the spread.
(photos by Clayton Harrington)

About the 401st:

The 401st Army field Support Brigade provides Soldiers, Sailors, Airman, and Marines, the tools and resources necessary to complete the mission. If they shoot, drive it, fly it, wear it, eat it or communicate with it, the 401st helps provide it. The brigade assists coalition partners with many of their logistical and sustainment needs. The brigade also handles the responsible disposition of equipment in Afghanistan to support evolving missions. We are the single link between Warfighters in the field, and working through Army Sustainment Command, we leverage Army Materiel Command’s worldwide Materiel Enterprise to develop, deliver, and sustain materiel to ensure a dominant joint force for the U.S. and our Allies.

For More information please visit us online:

401st AFSB Facebook

Army Sustainment Command

Army Materiel Command

Jeonbuk Journey offers craftworks, culture and cuisine
family meals
Image by USAG Yongsan
U.S. Military and DOD civilian family members taste different types of traditional South Korean cuisine such as Bibimbap(mixed rice), Dotorimuk(Acorn Jelly Salad), Yukhoe(raw beef), and Bulgogi(barbecued beef) in a restaurant in Jeonju, 21 Nov. (U.S. Army Photo by Cpl. Moon Hyungju)

Jean Delvare sur scène

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Some cool recipes images:

Jean Delvare sur scène
Image by hupstream

Pig Fat
Image by mikewarren
Ten pounds of ground + chopped up pig fat about to become lard, which will then become fantastic pastry.

There’s a recipe on my Web site.

herbed summer squash and potato torte
Image by chadilaksono
Recipe from Smitten Kitchen

Namdaemun Market – Seoul South Korea

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Some cool family meals images:

Namdaemun Market – Seoul South Korea
family meals
Image by U.S. Army Korea (Historical Image Archive)
Namdaemun Market, Seoul Korea

Welcome to U.S. Army Installation Management Command – Korea Region

IMCOM-Korea supports Soldiers, Civilians and Family Members with Army-standard installation facilities, spacious housing areas, 5-star restaurants, first-rate recreational centers, and spectacular access to Korean food and culture.

Korea is a great place to live, work and play. To learn more about opportunities to serve in the Land of the Morning Calm visit the Installation Management Command – Korea Region (IMCOM-K) official web site at:

US Army photos by Edward N. Johnson
Cleared for public release. This photo is generally considered in the public domain. Please credit the US Army and individual photographer for use. Usage is limited to all non-commercial purposes.

Scene de bonheur
family meals
Image by Screwy squirrel

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