Cool Cookbook images

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Check out these cookbook images:

tamil cookbook_cover
Image by Dova113

Image by YoAmes
cutting up marshmallows, which is made less difficult by dusting the knife with powdered sugar to reduce sticking

Bah! . . Humbug!!

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Check out these family meals images:

Bah! . . Humbug!!
family meals
Image by dchrisoh

Thanksgiving table
family meals
Image by Pictures by Ann

Yelp Omaha @ Spaghetti Works
family meals
Image by
Omaha Elites enjoyed a family-style meal at Spaghetti Works in Ralston. Photos by Andrew Lachance.

Farewell Meal #13

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Some cool family meals images:

Farewell Meal #13
family meals
Image by Jonnyboy2005
Hannah demonstrates the Mac photo manipulator thingumejig

family meals
Image by monojussi
I don’t know her real name. I asked but I could not decipher it. So I call her Mama.

She invited me to her little street kitchen and fed me noodle soup, beer, her own fish soup and papaya. She spoke a few words of English and a few words of French so we had a nice conversation while I ate. She barked orders at (presumably) her family that made sure I had everything I needed.

This was one of the tastiest meals I’ve ever eaten out plus a very special one because of Mama’s friendliness and care. She tsk-tsk’d about the scrathes I had in my elbow, patted my tummy after I ate to make sure I was full and was simply a lovely person.

Sometimes travel is wonderful. Thanks, Mama!

Reanne & Nigel’s Wedding
family meals
Image by motti82
Meal and cutting the cake

Cool Recipes images

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Some cool recipes images:

Wild Rice Stuffing
Image by mpesce
Perfect for your Thanksgiving turkey:

Simmer two 100g packages of wild rice for 45 minutes in 1L of water. Drain & set aside to cool.

Fry 2 cups of chopped celery and 1 cup of diced onions in butter until translucent.

Break open 5 pork and fennel sausages, add their meat to the frying pan. Cook until the vegetables are tender, and the pork is no longer pink.

Season with: salt, fresh ground black pepper, sage, and rosemary.

Mix rice with mixture in frying pan. After it has cooled, it can be used to stuff two small turkeys (5-7kg) or one large turkey (>10kg).


sticky date ice cream
Image by ironed_orchid

Hello #whole30 heaven. I’m digging this #paelo routine! Wait to turn this into a #kosher “bacon” sweet potato salad with lime dressing. If you think healthy eating can’t be fun, you’re doing it all wrong.
Image by Yosef Silver – This American Bite
I write about food and recipes at This photo was also posted to Instagram, right here –

20080807 – Family Dinner at Bethany Beach – 163-6383 – Chase & Jordan

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A few nice family meals images I found:

20080807 – Family Dinner at Bethany Beach – 163-6383 – Chase & Jordan
family meals
Image by Claire CJS
BACKSTORY: Carolyn & Clint stayed an extra day just for the family dinner at Magnolia’s on Thursday night. When we got to the place, someone said to spread out the families. One suggestion was to draw seat numbers from a hat to mix up the families, but that didn’t happen. So, as it turned out, there was a lot of mixing up going on. We didn’t have the banquet room this year, but Carolyn thinks that the rest of the upstairs was more conducive to mingling. It was easier to walk around the tables. However, there was also a lot of chaos with the ordering and serving of food. Mark said "They came over with a bottle of wine and asked if it was mine because they forgot which table ordered it. I said it was mine." People were already eating salad before others even got to order. So that part was confusing. I really feel for the waiters since not only did they have a large family to take care of, we were confusing them by walking around and not paying much attention.

Chase, Jordan.

Magnolia’s, restaurant, Bethany Beach, Delaware.

August 7, 2008.

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Anglican Division G, Row 2, Plot 31
family meals
Image by Discover Waikumete Cemetery
Four members of a Pukekohe household were admitted to the Auckland Hospital early this morning, suffering from food poisoning.
The mother, Mrs. Lucy Nicholson, aged 46, died at 10.10 a.m.
The condition of the three others, Mr. Norman Nicholson, aged 47, Mr. Eric Nicholson, aged 24, a son, and Mrs. Norma Dennison, aged 22 a married daughter, is not regarded as serious.
The members of the household—Mrs. Dennison lives at Glen Afton and was visiting her parents at the time—became ill in the early hours of Tuesday morning. Dr. H. Stewart Douglas was called, and found the three confined to their beds. He ordered treatment, and called again on Wednesday morning, and also in the afternoon, when they appeared to be somewhat better. However, about midnight last night Dr. Douglas received another call, and this time found all four patients very much worse, and he ordered their removal to the Auckland Hospital.
It was at first thought that the illness was due to ptomaine poisoning, but the family had not eaten any tinned food on Tuesday, and other food is now suspected. The police are making investigations, and the Health Department is carrying out a laboratory examination of the food eaten by the family.
The Nicholson family have lived at Pukekohe East for two years. Mrs. Norma Dennison, the married daughter, went to visit her parents on Tuesday. An inquest will be held into Mrs. Nicholson’s death.

Women In Hospital.
(By Telegraph—Press Association. AUCKLAND, Dec. 14.
Two more cases of suspected poisoning have been admitted to the Auckland hospital from the Franklin district, but neither is serious. The latest victims are Mrs. Margaret Burrow, of Pukekohe, and Mrs, Elsie May Tout, of Onewhero.
It is believed the death of Mrs. Lucy Nicholson, one of the family first affected, was due to haemorrhage, induced by violent sickness.
The cause of the poisoning has not been ascertained, and investigations are made more difficult by the fact that one of the two patients admitted to-day lives 17 miles from the residence of the Nicholson family.

Poisoning of Family at Pukekohe East.
The adjourned inquest, concerning a case of fatal food poisoning at Jericho road, Pukekohe East, the victim being Mrs Lucy Nicholson, aged 40, was concluded at Auckland yesterday by the coroner, Mr F. K. Hunt, S.M.
A verdict that death was due to food poisoning was returned.
Evidence was given by Hazel Moren Weare Flay, a married woman, who said she lived about a quarter of a mile from the home of the Nicholsons, with whom she was very friendly. She visited their home on the morning of December 10 and assisted Mrs Nicholson with the cooking. Some Spanish cream was made, the ingredients being three eggs, which witness thought were duck eggs, three pints of milk, half a cup of sugar, a pinch of salt and half a teaspoon of vanilla. The ingredients were taken from a cupboard by Mrs Nicholson and her daughter, Mrs N. Dennison.
Witness said that Mrs Nicholson appeared to be in good health and spirits when she had a conversation with her over the telephone in the evening. On the following morning witness learned of the family’s illness and she went to assist them. Mrs Nicholson expressed the opinion that they had been poisoned and she thought the meat had been responsible for their condition. On the morning of December 12 witness found the Nicholson’s ill in bed and she summoned a doctor who, ordered their removal to hospital, Mrs Nicholson passing away on December 13.
Evidence was also given by Eric Archibald Nicholson, a son, and Norman Nicholson, deceased’s husband, to the effect that the family had partaken of the same food. They had consumed a meal of roast beef, boiled potatoes, Spanish cream and banana custard on the evening of December 10.
The coroner said that Dr. Walter Gilmour, pathologist at the Auckland Hospital, had made a post-mortem examination, which had resulted in the isolation of the bacillus aertrycke, and the pathologist’s opinion was that death was caused by food poisoning. He had examined other articles, including those obtained from the house, and the bacillus was isolated from the Spanish cream. It was not possible, however, to say from what ingredient the dish the infection came. Detective-Sergeant McHugh said the police had a large file on the matter, there having been other cases about the same time. There was only one death from food poisoning.
The coroner, in returning the verdict given above, said the infection might have been in anything. The weather at the time was hot. He understood the germ had been known to occur in duck eggs.

Plot 31: Lucy Nicholson

Loving Memory
beloved wife of
died 13th December 1934
aged 48 years.

NICHOLSON.—On December 13, 1934, at Auckland Hospital, Lucy, beloved wife of Norman Nicholson, of Pukekohe: aged 48 years. The funeral will leave the chapel of Messrs. C. Little and Sons, 200, Hobson Street, at 10 a.m. to-morrow (Saturday) for Waikumete Cemetery.

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