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Some cool recipes images:

Image by aprilannies

Cool Recipes images

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Some cool recipes images:

Pavlova with pomegranate / Πάβλοβα με ρόδι
Image by aspros
Πάβλοβα με ρόδι – γιορτινή και ανάλαφρη…

Person #paleo sweet potato and (leftover) salmon omelette for #Breakfast. I think sweet potatoes have become my best friend since starting #whole30!
Image by Yosef Silver – This American Bite
I write about food and recipes at This photo was also posted to Instagram, right here –

Honey Recipes
Image by NatureNerd (probably outside)

Cool Recipes images

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Check out these recipes images:

Beside the Counter
Image by John Loo
The yellow card with red ink has 70s written all over it. This stuff was found between the cabinets at the wall. I’m surprised that something could slip into there.

Sunnyvale, CA

Ham and Cheese omelette
Image by Pahz
Just a basic omelette. I had this for lunch today. The recipe can be increased or decreased as needed. Since this was just for me I used three eggs. Beat the eggs with a splash of milk and pour into a hot (medium-high heat) frying pan sprayed with Pam (or oil, or butter, whichever you prefer).

When the eggs start to cook, I add diced ham (today, I cut it into strips instead of cubes). Then I sprinkled generously with shredded sharp cheddar cheese. Just as it looks about done, I take it from the stovetop and put the skillet into the oven with the broil setting on. Just for a few moments, to melt the cheese all the way through and to brown the eggs ever-so-slightly.

Don’t leave it in there long- less than two minutes at the most. Then, back on the stovetop to use a spatula to flip half of the now cooked omelette onto itself.

Then, gently slide onto a waiting plate and enjoy!

I’ve made this same omelette in a larger frying pan with as many as six eggs. I’ve also used pepperoni and mozzarella, or even diced up hot dogs and Velveeta cheese.

Image by Aaron E. Silvers
Secret family recipe handed down by my Grandma Lorraine to my mom, who gave it to me. Let’s just say it has 6 eggs and a whole lot of bittersweet chocolate. It’s way too sinful, but it’s so tasty. You’ll blow all your Weight Watchers Points on one piece

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Some cool family meals images:

2022 LAFD Merit Scholar Awards
family meals
Image by LAFD
On June 8, 2022 the 16th annual LAFD Merit Scholar Awards Ceremony honored the academic excellence and demonstrated leadership of 11 college-bound students.

The Merit Scholar Awards are cash grants, made possible through the Jean Perkins Foundation, of up to ,000 (,500 per year while the student continues to be enrolled and making normal progress toward a college degree). To be eligible, a student must be the child or stepchild of an active or fallen LAFD sworn employee. The eligible student must be a high school senior or college freshman, who will be enrolled in the fall as a full-time student in an accredited college or university. The scholarships are awarded on the basis of merit. The single most important factor is academic achievement, but the all-civilian Selection Committee considered other relevant criteria, including personal character and extracurricular accomplishments.

This year’s awardees were students who demonstrated excellence in academic studies, good character, high moral standards, leadership, distinction in extra-curricular activities, personal accomplishments and a potential for future success. The LAFD Merit Scholarship Fund Board of Directors had the difficult task of selecting the top candidates from an extremely competitive pool.

The 2022 LAFD Merit Scholar Award Recipients are Mariah Alvarado, daughter of Battalion Chief Vincent Alvarado; Kelsey Barrett, daughter of Engineer/Paramedic Keith Barrett; Kurt Ruedy, son of Inspector I Brent Ruedy; Shelby Richmond, daughter of Deputy Chief Trevor Richmond (all bio’s provided below).

This year’s seven Runner-Up Award winners are to be congratulated for their outstanding merits. Each received a one time grant of ,000. They are Aidan Byrne, Jasmine Da Broi, Hadley Goodwin, Carmen Ibarra, Caitlin Perry, Jake Petersen and Jessica Woodcock.
The winner of this year’s “Best Essay” award of ,500, generously sponsored by the LAFD Foundation, is Jasmine Da Broi.

We would like to thank Mr. James Carroll III and Mr. Joe Connolly, Executive Board Members of the Jean Perkins Foundation and the LAFD Merit Scholarship Fund’s Board of Directors, Dick Barrett, John Anglin, G. Louis Graziadio III, Vicky Leck, Tom Mizo, Robert Nicholas and Molly Taylor for their dedication and support of our members and their children. We are also grateful to the Los Angeles Fire Department Foundation for their sponsorship of the “Best Essay” award and to the LAFD Sertoma Club, the United Firefighters of Los Angeles City, LAFD Historical Society and the Los Angeles Firefighter’s Association and the Stentorians of City of Los Angeles who sponsored the awards reception.

Mariah Alvarado is a graduating senior from Troy High School (THS) and the
daughter of Battalion Chief Vincent Alvarado, assigned to Battalion 12 (20
years LAFD). Mariah will be attending the University of California San Diego
(UCSD), majoring in Chemical Engineering. Mariah pursued an
engineering pathway where she was able to immerse her passions for STEM through different engineering courses and a 150-hour internship. Mariah is able to meet the rigorous course work of THS while still remaining motivated
and passionate in her endeavors. She serves as the Secretary of THS Compass Club. The Club strives to promote the exploration of different career fields through a variety of interviews with a wide range of career models i.e. computer scientist, business CEO, newscaster, and firefighter.
Mariah records the weekly meeting minutes and schedules the interviews. She is a member of the THS varsity dance team and attends advanced dance
classes in the evenings. She has trained and competed with select elite teams for 11 years in ballet, jazz, tap, lyrical, contemporary and hip hop.
She was appointed captain for five teams out of 60+ dancers to lead dance teams at regional and national competitions. Mariah will continue dancing
on the collegiate Division1 dance team at UCSD. In addition to academic and athletic endeavors, Mariah volunteers for Ronald McDonald House Charities, Meals on Wheels, Pathways of Hope for the Homeless, and Crittenton Services for Children and Families. There, Mariah provides attention and comfort to support attention-deprived infants and toddlers from neglected households. Mariah has “an addiction to Minecraft which consumes an unhealthy fraction of my homework time.”
Mariah’s honors and awards include:
Captain, The Dance Spot Elite Competitive Dance Team 2018-2022
National Title Recipient Varsity Troy
Redhots Dance Team 2018-2022
CADTD Regionals Jazz Soloist Champion 2019 and 2020
WCE Nationals Gold Solo Qualifier
Florida Contest of Champions Nationals Medium Jazz Finalist 2020
National Honors Society 2020-2021,
Principal’s Honor Role 2018-2022,
California Scholarship Federation Seal – Bearer 2018 – 2022
Mariah graduates with a 4.5 GPA

Kelsey Barrett is a graduating senior from San Dimas High School (SDHS) and the daughter of Engineer/Paramedic Keith Barrett, assigned to FS 25 (22 years LAFD). Kelsey will be attending the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, majoring in Nursing. Her goal is to earn her Doctorate of Nursing Anesthesia Practices (DNA) and become a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist. Kelsey has challenged herself at SDHS with difficult classes that include advanced placement, honors and accelerated classes. Her rigorous class schedule, exceptional grades and demanding schedule attest to her academic excellence and ability to balance her time. Kelsey is a dedicated team player and a role model committed to her team, school and community. She is a tri-sport athlete, participating in varsity volleyball, water polo and softball. She was the Captain of all three teams and helped win league championships in all three sports. She was active in school clubs. She served as ASB Athletics Commissioner, planning and organizing school events, Link Crew Leader, assisting freshmen students, and Best Buddies Team Leader, assisting special education students. Kelsey has actively volunteered at Lake Elder Care and Assistance with elderly care and assistance. At Victoria Village Dentistry, her duties included setting up equipment trays, assisting with x-rays and
creating patient charts. Kelsey’s responsibilities at Guide Dogs for the Blind included training and fostering dogs to improve the quality of life and allowing independence for the blind. During the COVID-19 Pandemic, Kelsey had free time and wanted to help expectant mothers who had delivered babies all alone at the Pomona Valley Hospital. She started knitting beanies for babies and has knitted 125 beanies, which are included in care packages for the moms to take home. She hopes to knit 25 more before leaving to the University ofTennessee in August.

Kelsey’s Honors and Awards include:

•First Team All-League Softball, Water Polo, Volleyball 2018-2022
•HEART Award (Hustle, Energy, Attitude, Respect, Team) 2019
•Valle Vista League MVP Volleyball 2022
•Top 10% of Class 2018 – 2022
•Gold Star Award 2018 – 2022
•Renaissance Award 2018 – 2022
•Merit Award 2019, 2020, 2022

Kelsey graduates with a 4.3 GPA

Kurt Ruedy is a graduating senior from Royal High School (RHS) and the son of Inspector I Brent Ruedy, assigned to the Fire Prevention Bureau, VIC Unit (22 years LAFD). Kurt will be attending the University of Alabama, majoring in political science. Kurt is a talented baseball player. He is intelligent, re-spectful and hardworking. He is a consummate team player, being flexible to play a variety of positions to better suit his team’s needs. Kurt brings these traits into the classroom as well as in service to his community. He is a Link Crew Group Leader for RHS, helping incoming freshmen transition to high school throughout the school year. Kurt serves on the RHS Senior Class Council where he was involved in making decisions on spending and asset allocation, organizing, planning and executing events. Kurt is a member of the National Honor Society (NHS). NHS members are required to maintain excellent academic standing as well as service to their community. Kurt volunteered for RHS’ Math for Good program by tutoring math online. He volunteers at the yearly church summer camps as a group leader for preschool to sixth grade. Through the RHS baseball program, Kurt is involved with the Challenger League in Simi Valley, a program helping disabled kids to play baseball, work together and build friendships. As he mentored and interacted with the players on and off the field, Kurt became more aware of his gratitude for his health and abilities. Kurt looks forward to applying to law school and practicing contract law as a sports agent.

Kurt’s honors and awards include:

•National Honor Society 2020-2022
•Scholar Athlete Achievement 2019-2022
•Valedictorian – 2022

Kurt graduates with a 4.3 GPA.

Shelby Richmond is a graduating senior from Thousand Oaks High School (TOHS) and is the daughter of Deputy Chief Trevor Richmond,
Operations Valley Bureau (33 years LAFD). Shelby will be attending
Dartmouth College, majoring in Biology, pre-med track. Shelby hopes to attend a medical or Physician Assistant school, or do research in the medical field. Shelby is a student at TOHS’s The Center, for Advance Studies and Research, (The Center) an AP Capstone Program. As a jun-ior, she completed her AP Research project successfully and overa-chieved with a score of five. The Center is the only course of its kind which involves high school students in advance college level research. In addition to academics, Shelby has been involved with various extra-curricular activities. She is a dedicated student athlete, on the TOHS track team, winning scholar athlete awards, MVP, and served as Varsity Sprint Captain. Shelby actively participates in community events through TOHS’ Key Club, volunteering at animal and homeless shelters, CROP Hunger Walk, and Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Student of the Year Campaign (LLS). LLS is a philanthropic leadership development program. Throughout the campaign, students learn to develop professional skills, i.e. marketing, entrepreneurship as well as project and team management. Shelby organized various charity events and conducted sponsorship Zoom meetings and contacted corporate offices. Her team, Bella’s Buddies, raised over 3,000, winning the LLS award of Southern California and donating all funds to cancer research.

Shelby’s honors and awards include:

•MVP Girls 200-meter Dash 2021
•Ventura County Champion 200 Meters 2021
•Milesplit Junior Girls First Team All-State Team 2021
•Marmonte League Champion 200 Meters
•Scholar Athlete Award 2019 – 2022
•Society of Women’s Engineers Award 2021

Shelby graduates with a 4.4 GPA.

LAFD Event-060822

Photo Use Permitted via Creative Commons – Credit: LAFD Photo | Gary Apodaca

Connect with us: LAFD.ORG | News | Facebook | Instagram | Reddit | Twitter: @LAFD @LAFDtalk

Brosimum alicastrum
family meals
Image by wallygrom
Xcaret Eco Park, near Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo, Mexico.

From Wikipedia –
The breadnut (Brosimum alicastrum) is a Brosimum tree species under the Moraceae family of flowering plants, whose other genera include fig and mulberries. Other common names for the plant include the Maya nut and ramón (particularly in Spanish-speaking regions). The plant is also known by a range of names in indigenous Mesoamerican and other languages, including but not limited to: ojoche, ojite, ojushte, ujushte, ujuxte, capomo, mojo, ox, iximche , masica’ ‘and uje in Michoacan Mexico.

Two subspecies are commonly recognized:
Brosimum alicastrum ssp. alicastrum
Brosimum alicastrum ssp. bolivarense (Pittier) C.C.Berg

The breadnut fruit disperses on the ground in March and April and has a large seed covered by a thin, citrus-flavored orange-colored skin favored by a number of forest creatures. More important, the large seed which is enveloped by the tasty skin is an edible ‘nut’ that can be leached and ground into a meal for porridge or flatbread. Ramon is nutritious and has value as a food source, and formed a part of the diet of the pre-Columbian Maya of the lowlands region in Mesoamerica, although to what extent has been a matter of some debate among Maya historians and archaeologists.

It was planted by the Maya civilization two thousand years ago and it has been claimed to have been a staple food in the Maya diet, although other research has downplayed its significance. In the modern era it has been neglected as a source of nutrition and has often been characterized as a famine food.

Erika Vohman of The Equilibrium Fund has been promoting its use in Central America and is campaigning to save the rainforests where Maya Nut grows. For this work Vohman won the 2006 St Andrews Prize for the Environment worth ,000. She has been working with rural and indigenous women teaching them to use Maya Nut to improve tropical rainforest conservation, reforestation, health and nutrition, food security, Women’s incomes, self-esteem and status, maternal health and infant birth weights. Since 2001 The Equilibrium Fund has trained over 7000 women from 312 villages in Honduras, Nicaragua, Guatemala, El Salvador and Mexico. The St. Andrews Prize money is earmarked for expansion of the Maya Nut program to new regions in these countries.

The breadnut is extremely high in fiber, calcium, potassium, folic acid, iron, zinc, protein and vitamins A, E, C and B. The fresh seeds can be cooked and eaten or can be set out to dry in the sun to roast and eaten later. Stewed the nut tastes like mashed potato, roasted it tastes like chocolate or coffee and can be prepared in numerous other dishes. In Petén, Guatemala, the breadnut is being cultivated for exportation and local consumption as powder, for hot beverages, and bread.

The tree can reach up to 45.1 meters (130 feet).

The tree lends its name to the Maya archaeological sites of Iximché and Topoxte, both in Guatemala. It is one of the twenty dominant species of the Maya forest. Of the dominant species, it is the only one that is wind-pollinated. It is also found in traditional Maya forest gardens.

Cool Cookbook images

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Some cool cookbook images:

Unfortunate Foodstuffs
Image by amy_buthod

cookbook taxidriver
Image by Leung Si Wing

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