Cool Barbecue Foods images

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A few nice barbecue foods images I found:

Today’s tasty treat came off the @charbroilgrills right before the rain started pelting down on us. Luckily all the video equipment was inside from @weathernetwork’s @charbroilgrills BBQ tips video shoot and all we had to do was sit back and enjoy the foo
barbecue foods
Image by LexnGer

Cooked vs. Uncooked Persian Beet Burgers
barbecue foods
Image by Emily Barney
I can only fit 7 at once into our large nonstick skillet, so here’s a nice comparison about the colors. When you bite in it still looks like you’re eating a rare beef burger, though.

Find the recipe on my food blog here:

Cool Diet images

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Check out these diet images:

18.02.06: HongKong (2)
Image by dieter_weinelt
Spät aufgestanden, mit der Star Ferry nach Kowloon gefahren, 10 Minuten
Fährfahrt übers Hafenbecken für 2,2 HK$ (22 Ct). Es steht alles auf englisch
da, kein Problem, sich zurecht zu finden. "Littering", also Vermüllung,
kostet 1.500HK$ Strafe, frei lebendes Geflügel zu halten kostet 100.000 HK$ !

Braun hi-fi
Image by renaissancechambara

Cool Recipes images

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A few nice recipes images I found:

Image by Dot D
100 proof vodka

How hard can that be?

oh, and TIME…

Tagliatelle with Spinach
Image by filipe.garcia
Homemade Tagliatelle

Cook the pasta and steam the spinach.
In a saucepan the heavy-cream with the spinach until it bubble.
Put the cream with the spinach in the pasta and grind the pepper over it.


Peanut Butter Fudge
Image by ohskylab
From Nan’s recipe notebook.

Cool Family Meals images

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Check out these family meals images:

Part of the complete family
family meals
Image by eytonz

Family time!
family meals
Image by jessica mullen

Famly Time at the Thomas’
family meals
Image by merfam
Speding time with the family at Brad and Becky’s house (8/28/2011)

Cool Diet images

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Check out these diet images:

Balanced diet
Image by unefunge
Keukenhof, Holland, Netherlands

Mentos & Diet Coke
Image by CRUSTINA!
Last Homie Hurrah / London, ON / April 21, 2012

Diet Pills
Image by David Wilson Clarke
Duane from Diet Pills playing at The Musician, Leicester, UK.

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