Lemon Zucchini Muffins & Coffee

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Lemon Zucchini Muffins & Coffee
Image by Garden Soul
Best good-for-you muffins ever!

Chocolate mousse 2
Image by marcomazzei

banana and walnut cake
Image by vanessa lollipop

Nahaufnahme von hausgemachten Muffins

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Nahaufnahme von hausgemachten Muffins
Image by marcoverch
✅ Marco Verch is a Professional Photographer and Speaker from Cologne. 👆 This image can be used under Creative Commons 2.0. Please link to the original photo and the license.

Diet Dr Pepper
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Barely a sip left

Image by red clover

Blueberry muffins | Babycakes cookbook

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Blueberry muffins | Babycakes cookbook
Image by Nicole Lee
These are incredible. Crispy top, light and moist on the inside, with blueberry bursting as you bite into them. Serious joy here, people.

from: Babycakes

Image by MelGX

Glory Foods Skillet Corn Muffins

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Glory Foods Skillet Corn Muffins
Image by Glory Foods
Our recipe for Skillet Corn Muffins combines our skillet corn and cornbread mix, two traditional Southern dishes that we are proud to keep as true to form as they were in early America. Visit The Glory Blog to get the recipe.

Eggs & Bread Crumbs
Image by sweet mustache
The original recipe is here.

1/4 cup bread crumbs
2 tbsp olive oil
4 eggs
salt and pepper to taste
1 tsp vinegar of your choice

Add 1 1/2 tsp of the olive oil to the bread crumbs and mix together. Heat a non-stick pan over medium heat and add the bread crumbs. Toast for a few minutes.

When the crumbs just begin to color, and the rest of the oil and crack the eggs over the crumbs.

Cook on one side until the eggs are almost set, flip and cook for an additional 30 seconds. Remove the eggs and salt and pepper to taste.

Add vinegar to the pan and reduce slightly before pouring over your eggs.

I had a slight mishap while flipping the eggs, thus the broken yolk. This was very quick and very tasty. Sort of like a fried egg sandwich, just with less bread.

I used malt vinegar and didn’t bother reducing it, just added it straight to the eggs.

Pork and Garlic Chives
Image by sweet mustache
The recipe is from this book. We made a couple of changes, as noted after the original recipe.

Original recipe
2 tbs peanut oil
2 cloves garlic, minced
1 slice fresh ginger, julienned
2 green onions, sliced
1 tbs light soy sauce
1/8 tso ground white pepper
Pinch of MSG (optional)
1 tbs rice wine or dry sherry
1/2 lb lean pork, cut into thin strips
1 cup chopped garlic chives or regular chives
Sesame oil for garnish

Heat a wok (or large pan) and add 1 tbs of the peanut oil, the garlic and ginger. Stir-fry for a moment and then add the green onions, soy, pepper, MSG (if using) and wine. Stir-fry for a minute and remove from wok.

Add the 2nd tbs of oil and the pork to the wok. Stir-fry until the pork is tender and remove from wok. Add the chives and stir-fry until tender, then return the sauce and pork to the wok. Toss and then add a splash of sesame oil and serve hot.

We used an extra clove of garlic and regular chives. We also used 4 oz of sliced mushrooms instead of green onions. I also didn’t bother removing everything from the wok and cooked more at medium than high. We served it over cumin scented rice. The pork was delicious. A simple, quick and very tasty dish.

Tate’s Bake Shop Cookbook: The Best Recipes from Southampton’s Favorite Bakery for Homestyle Cookies, Cakes, Pies, Muffins, and Breads

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Product Description
Kathleen King-founder of Kathleen’s Cookies and author of Kathleen’s Bake Shop Cookbook -returns with a best-ever collection of 100 simple, old-fashioned recipes for the home cook K athleen King has been famous for her chocolate chip cookies since she was a young girl-in fact, they were such a hit that selling them put her through college. In Kathleen’s Bake Shop Cookbook, she collected the favorite recipes from her Hamptons bakery, Kathleen’s Bake Shop. Now, in Tat… More >>

Tate’s Bake Shop Cookbook: The Best Recipes from Southampton’s Favorite Bakery for Homestyle Cookies, Cakes, Pies, Muffins, and Breads