Pasta book cover

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A few nice cook books images I found:

Pasta book cover
cook books
Image by Javier Kohen
No, I’m not planning to write a book, but I thought this looked nice. See the Cooking set for the original pictures.

People have been asking if I just took the pictures. For the record, I took the pictures and also did considerable part of the cooking.

cook books
Image by Divine Harvester

Pasta with Tomato and Bacon

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Check out these healthy food choices images:

Pasta with Tomato and Bacon
healthy food choices
Image by Sandall73
I thought it would be useful to share pics of some of the meals I have on this plan, as a reminder for myself when I’m stuck for ideas, to help anyone else doing Slimming World and to show off just what you can get away with while doing this!

nutrition label
healthy food choices
Image by MUExtension417
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Nutrition Facts label appears on most packaged foods and informs us how many servings are in a box or can. When consumers understand the food label, they can use nutrition information to make quick, informed food choices that contribute to a healthy diet.

Vegetarian Ramen at T’s Tan Tan in Tokyo station
healthy food choices
Image by Vitamin-K
By the end of this day I was really starting to suffer from food poisoning. I didn’t get to eat much of my noodles, but what I did have was delicious.
It’s quite hard to find vegetarian food in Japan, and when you do it’s generally sold because eating vegetarian is "healthy", rather than vegetarianism actually being a lifestyle choice.

Vegetarian recipes cookbook – Beetroot & Sage Pasta

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A few nice cookbook images I found:

Vegetarian recipes cookbook – Beetroot & Sage Pasta
Image by wherefishsing
F E A S T.
the art-filled seasonal cookbook that happens to be vegetarian

Art meets food.
Vegetarian meals for everyone.

A cookbook filled with seasonal recipes (140!!).
An original painting that accompanies every recipe.
Easy, tasty vegetarian food with common ingredients.

This food themed painting is from my forthcoming cookbook. It was inspired by a recipe and has been created to capture something of the essence of it’s dish. All the original artworks are available to own.

Find more details, all the recipes (free!) & purchase the cookbook (when complete) at:

All available artwork is in the Official Art Store

cookbook signing
Image by the queen of subtle
i can’t wait to make some of the stuff in this book. it all looks amazing.

Grilled Chicken, Pasta with tomato, spinach, and parmesan

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Check out these low carb recipes images:

Grilled Chicken, Pasta with tomato, spinach, and parmesan
low carb recipes
Image by camillej
Modified this recipe for the pasta.,,FOOD_9936_3667…

Freshly squeezed lemon juice
low carb recipes
Image by Kirsten Loza
This was used in a recipe which is a low-carb version of tabbouli. Recipe is posted here.