Image from page 151 of “The domestic word : a practical guide in domestic and social economy” (1878)

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A few nice cookbook images I found:

Image from page 151 of “The domestic word : a practical guide in domestic and social economy” (1878)
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Identifier: domesticwordprac00phil
Title: The domestic word : a practical guide in domestic and social economy
Year: 1878 (1870s)
Authors: Philp, Robert Kemp
Subjects: Home economics
Publisher: London : Hodder & S.
Contributing Library: Boston Public Library
Digitizing Sponsor: Boston Public Library

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Text Appearing Before Image:
andthen as quickly cut out with the scissors,and moulded with the fingers into naturalform. Another, and equally as good away, is to get a smooth piece of wood,and after placing the natural leaf or sprayof leaves upon its surface, trace with apencil round the outer edge, then removethe leaf, and cut sharply round the edgeswith a penknife, to the depth of the six-teenth of an inch, slicing as it were thepiece in the form of the leaf out of thewood, then with a pencil trace the veinsof the natural leaf upon the indented out-line which is on the wood, doing it with ^ %ik ia ^0otI ^iamm^. H7 great care and precision, after which cutthe lines out with the knife. We givethis mode because it saves much time andtrouble, especially to those living in out-of-the-way places, where moulds would be difficult to procure ; all that remains tobe done is to warm the gutta percha, andwhile it is soft, press it upon the indentedmould, when, upon being removed, itwill be found to bear upon its surface an

Text Appearing After Image:
AN ANTIQUE FKAME IN GUTTA PERCHA ENAMEL. exact copy of the veins and outline justformed upon the wood. The leaf shouldthen be moulded with the fingers, bybending or crinkling, according to thestyle of the leaf copied. The flowers are simply formed fromthe warm gutta-percha, after pressing itout to the even thickness of the realflower intended to copy. Each petalshould be, as in wax, cut and moulded 148 l^t ^mxtdk Wfftliix from nature. If for a rose, or any othermany-pctaled flower, the sizes should becut, moulded, and regulated in their orderbefore making up. The stems and tendrils are formed ofwire, covered snioothly with gutta percha. An Antique Frame in Gutta-percha AND Enamel to RepresentChina. — Practical Instructions: — Getany old frame of an oval shape, and toform the beading cut a rather long slipof gutta percha the depth of wooden

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Coconut Breeze
Image by WxMom
More from the recipe testing night. We were moving the shop light around some, to get different lighting effects.

From the Rum&Tiki Cookbook by W. Park Kerr

1/3 cup pineapple juice
(book has unsweetened, we just use the little cans of Dole)
2 ounces Coconut Rum (Whaler’s is my fave)
1 Tablespoon fresh lime juice
Club Soda (we use 7Up instead)
garnish with a wedge of lime

The Holiday Cookbook – Halloween – Page 41
Image by thepeachmartini