Grandma’s Perfect Pie Crust Recipe

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A few nice recipes images I found:

Grandma’s Perfect Pie Crust Recipe
Image by Chiot’s Run
Last week my mom and I went down to my grandma’s house to go through some stuff. I asked my cousin about a few of my grandma’s recipes so I could take a few photos of them. She showed me all of grandma’s recipe boxes, they were filled with cards she’d written recipes on and clippings from magazines. She also showed me my great grandma’s recipe book. It was a collection of recipes scratched and pasted in to an old Railroad Ledger. It’s so great to see old well-used recipes written by my grandmothers.

I’m planning on taking these and making each one, taking photos and making a cookbook of family recipes, including photos of the recipes written by my grandma’s. I think this will make a wonderful Christmas present for family members.

A simple broccoli recipe
Image by churl
Most people steam all the taste out of broccoli, which is a crime. Here’s a simple recipe for broccoli with an Asian flare.

Take one or two heads of broccoli and cut to bite sized pieces. Put a pot of water to raging boil. Once the water is boiling, submerge the broccoli for ~60 seconds. Remove and drain well. Then, drizzle lightly with sesame seed oil, add roasted crushed sesame seeds, salt and pepper to taste. Toss and serve.

Very easy and very tasty. Enjoy.

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Fourth Grand-Aunt Kaya Recipe
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Fourth Grand Aunt’s kaya recipe in a note written to mum around 1970s.

600g sugar (approx 1 kati)
6 large duck eggs or 10 chicken eggs. Free-range eggs with red/orange yolks produce the best looking results.
Pandan leaves – 3 or 4
180ml coconut cream – from 1 large coconut, grated and milk extracted, without adding water.

1. Combine sugar, eggs, coconut milk in a pot.
2. Add pandan leaves
3. Cook for 2 hours.
4. Remove pandan leaves.
5. Cook for another 2 hours, until a caramel colour is achieved. A minimum of 4 to 5 hours will produce the best results.

Update 2011.08.04: Bern_Aussielicious tested this recipe and here are her results: Kaya Intoxication – 3 hour vs 6 hour kaya

The Wine Lover’s Cookbook: Great Recipes for the Perfect Glass of Wine

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When a glass of wine is paired with the right dish, it can resonate in a magnificent way. This gorgeous cookbook lets anyone plan a meal in perfect concert with a favorite or special wine. 45 color Review
Which came first: the chicken or the Eglise-Clinet? Well, if you’re a disciple of author Sid Goldstein–and you will be–you’ve had that Bordeaux decanted long before you even thought of shopping for those Cacciatore ingredients. And … More >>

The Wine Lover’s Cookbook: Great Recipes for the Perfect Glass of Wine

The Groom-to-Be’s Handbook: The Ultimate Guide to a Fabulous Ring, a Memorable Proposal, and a Perfect Wedding (Kindle Edition)

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The Groom-to-Be's Handbook: The Ultimate Guide to a Fabulous Ring, a Memorable Proposal, and a Perfect Wedding

From figuring out whether she’ll say “yes,” to deciding what cut of diamond she’ll love, this guide speaks to every man embarking on one of life’s greatest adventures: marriage. And the reassuring advice it offers will help relieve the nervousness that often accompanies taking the big step. Learn the four “Cs” of diamonds, the pros and cons of various settings, how much a ring should cost, essential diamond terminology, and gem alternatives. Take inspiration from o (more…)