Image from page 53 of “American cookery” (1914)

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Image from page 53 of “American cookery” (1914)
Image by Internet Archive Book Images
Identifier: americancookery19unse_4
Title: American cookery
Year: 1914 (1910s)
Publisher: New York [etc.] : Whitney Publications [etc.]
Contributing Library: Boston Public Library
Digitizing Sponsor: Boston Public Library

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Text Appearing Before Image:
llon in Urns Coffee T T Potato Salad Cold Boiled Ham, Sliced Thin Unbuttered Rolls II Olives Pickles Sliced Ham Sandwiches Mayonnaise of IV Chopped Chicken Sandwiches Ice Cream Strawberries Cheese-and-Sliced Nut Sandwiches Cake Coffee Cocoa Coffee Four Course Banquets for Lodges, Boards of Tra ide, etc. i in (i) Halves of Grapefruit (i) Strawberry-and-Pineapple Cocktail (2) Turbans of Fresh Fish with Oysters (2) Fresh Fish Croquettes, Sauce Tartare Hot House Cucumbers Parker House Rolls (3) Planked Sirloin or Swiss Steak Olives Salted Nuts with Vegetables (3) Swiss Steak, (4) Fruit Cup Brown Mushroom Sauce Coffee Onions and PotatoesRomaine or Lettuce Salad II (4) Strawberry Ice Cream (1) Strawberries, Powdered Sugar (2) Creamed Fresh Fish in Ramekins IV Potato Diamonds with Peas (3) Broiled Lamb ChopsMacaroni (tomato, cheese) Salpicon of Fruit in Cups Lettuce and Cress, French Dressing Creai (4) Baked Alaska Ice Cream Jellied PhiladelphiaRelish, Jellied Coffee Baking Powder Biscuit 43

Text Appearing After Image:
Food Hints for June-July By Janet M. Hill DURING the summer months it iswell to plan for as many outdoormeals as possible. Easily trans-ported, light, wire frames, that may beset up over a wood fire, make possible thecooking in the open air of almost any-thing edible. For baking a few biscuits,a portable oven may be set on the frame,but the principal use made of the framewill be as a broiler for bacon, chops andfish, boiling vegetables, roasting corn,baking griddle-cakes and potatoes, andtoasting bread. To be sure, when goingaway for a week, or even a day, a basketof cooked food is always a welcome addi-tion to the supplies. But even if butone meal is to be eaten out of doors, thepleasure of that meal is much enhancedby preparing at least one hot dish besidethe pot of hot coffee. Brook trout,caught in the near-by stream, rolled inmeal and cooked in a frying pan in a littlehot bacon or salt-pork fat, will, withbread-and-butter sandwiches and hotcoffee, make a meal that puts the finish-

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“Dinner in the Beer Garden” & goodies (02)
Image by cizauskas
I received my copy of Dinner in the Beer Garden (by Lucy Saunders) with a box full of ‘goodies’ (packed by Larry’s Market, of Milwaukee, Wisconsin). All the items are used in various recipes in the beer-with-food cookbook. (Full disclosure: I was a supporter of the book’s publishing, via Kickstarter.)

7 March 2014.

Dinner in the Beer Garden
Saunders, Lucy. Milwaukee, WI: F&B Communications, LLC, 2014.
ISBN: 978-9-9769875-2-9

[See a close-up of the front cover: here.]

"Fruits, vegetables, and beer, enjoyed outdoors in gardens and social spaces. This book isn’t about traditional biergarten fare. It’s a cookbook for people who like carrots and kale —as well as butter, fish, cheese, and chocolate! Profiles of gorgeous brewery gardens and juicy color photographs illustrate more than 100 recipes with beer pairings.

Lucy Saunders thinks of beer as food. She has chronicled American brewing since 1987, and her work has been featured in SAVEUR, USA TODAY, CHICAGO TRIBUNE, WASHINGTON POST, and more. Saunders teaches cooking with beer classes and tastings, at the Siebel Institute, as well as festivals, the Craft Brewers Conference, and has judged at the Brussels Beer Challenge. She organizes water conservation events at, and lives in Milwaukee, WI."

Dinner in The Beer Garden is available for purchase via
* email at beergardenbook at gmail dot com
* toll-free phone on 800-760-5998.

An ecommerce site to follow soon.
More details on Facebook: DinnerInTheBeerGarden.

Photo by Yours For Good
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