Coming October 2018: “The Beer Kitchen”

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Some cool cookbook images:

Coming October 2018: “The Beer Kitchen”
Image by Thomas Cizauskas
The Beer Kitchen: the art & science of cooking, & pairing, with beer
☞ by British beer writer Melissa Cole
Announced 27 July 2018.

I don’t usually post adverts, but here are five reasons I’ve done so.

1) cooking with beer
2) the science of cooking with beer
3) vegetarian recipes (accompanying those for carnivores)
4) cheese and beer
5) written by Melissa Cole

▶ "I have a huge passion for beer and food matching, but I also love cooking with beer and hate bad science, so I’ve combined all those things to create a book that I sincerely hope will become spattered with grease, smeared with chocolate and get generally battered (but hopefully not deep fried!) through use.

I believe there’ll be something for nearly everyone in there, and I’ve tried to keep it really accessible by breaking it down into four different sections: So Simple, Some Effort, Show Off and Say Cheese.

Inside you’ll find a wide range of options from dishes for dedicated carnivores, to vegetarian & vegan recipes, to sweet-toothed temptations and some more refined dishes, that take beer beyond the dull and cliched ‘dude food’ arena."

▶ Read more at Ms. Cole’s blog, "Taking the Beard Out of Beer!".
▶ "The Beer Kitchen" will be published in October 2018, in the U.K. but will also available for pre-sale in the U.S., via Jeff Bezos, err, Amazon.

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