Cool Diabetic Recipes images

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Some cool diabetic recipes images:

Bitter Melon (Goya)
diabetic recipes
Image by R Scott Photography
My neighbour brought this over for me.

It’s a traditional medicine for treating diabetes in many countries. These are tiny little things and if you don’t remove the seeds you will have one Hell of a belly ache.

I fry mine or put them in a crock pot recipe.

If you are diabetic like me, do some reading up on this unusual gourd.


Bitter melon contains a lectin that has insulin-like activity. The insulin-like bioactivity of this lectin is due to its linking together 2 insulin receptors. This lectin lowers blood glucose concentrations by acting on peripheral tissues and, similar to insulin’s effects in the brain, suppressing appetite. This lectin is likely a major contributor to the hypoglycemic effect that develops after eating bitter melon and why it may be a way of managing adult-onset diabetes. Lectin binding is non-protein specific, and this is likely why bitter melon has been credited with immunostimulatory activity—by linking receptors that modulate the immune system, thereby stimulating said receptors.

diabetic recipes
Image by dccraftaholic128
There’s a story behind this.

Being a diabetic, now, is sometimes a pain in the rear. Compared to growing up though, diabetes isn’t nearly as significant as it was when I was in elementary school.

Something I did which was very stupid? I used to do just that above and lie about it. Mom was so so cool about cheating–if I wanted to, all I’d have to do is ask. Maybe not always got a yes but isnt’ that true with most kids and sweets? But I used to go in the cool whip, leave finger trails and then when mom would ask my bro and me, i’d lie when it was sooooooooooooo obvious it was me.

And, naturally, fufilling his role as big bro, William has always made fun of me for it. OK FINE! It was really stupid of me to lie about it. Whenever cool whip is mentioned in my family, I feel accusing eyes gazing at me.

So when I was making this fabulous pie for Thanksgiving, I giggled and decided I’d reeact what I did as a nine year old. Shout out to my family that I can, in fact, laugh at myself 🙂

Nice Diabetic Recipes photos

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A few nice diabetic recipes images I found:

Making Chicken for Dinner
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Image by Jonathan D. Bloom
I made this yesterday for dinner. It was really good!

Got the recipe for the chicken from

40-Wheat-Free, Low-Sugar Brownies
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Image by cinnachick
Instead of flour, I use chickpeas. Seriously, you’d think these were awful, right? But I made 4 different batches of brownies over two days. (The neighbors, the coworkers, and the Internet are all happy.) These were the best. Honestly. They had a good crust, they were dense and moist, they had a rich but chocolatey flavor and they weren’t too sweet. I like fudgey texture, but not a fudgey taste in my brownies.

The recipe for these will be in the Everything Cast Iron cookbook. I list directions for making it in a skillet, but have proven that by cooking for just a few minutes less they can also be made in the muffin pans.

The advantage of cast iron is that you can heat it up to really hot so that when you pour the batter in it starts cooking right away which firms up the exterior and makes them hold together quite well.

And because I was making them for a co-worker who wears an insulin pump I decided to geek out with some mathematics and figure out the nutritional value of the brownies. My recipe made 21 muffins, so I took the nutritional information for the base of all the ingredients, added them together, and divided by 21. Some are a touch larger than the others, so it may not be precise, but it’s close enough for horse shoes and hand grenades.

Fat 5g
Saturated Fat 4g
Cholesterol 145 mg
Sodium 107 mg
Carbohydrates 34 g
Fiber 1 g
Sugar 10 g
Protein 7g

Ms Bento & The Mysterious Mediterranean Chicken
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Image by lynn.gardner
“Mediterranean Chicken” from Healthy Calendar Diabetic Cooking (American Diabetes Association, 2004) :

Chicken with brown rice, garlic, onions, bell pepper, zucchini/courgette, canned diced tomatoes, oregano, salt substitute, black pepper and low sodium chicken broth. While I’m not sure why this dish counts as “Mediterranean” (maybe, because of its use of oregano and tomatoes?), it was a very filling and hearty stew suitable for a brisk autumn evening. Recipe claimed to serve five, but we only managed four (6WWP/serving)

Nice Diabetic Recipes photos

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A few nice diabetic recipes images I found:

Banana Oat Bread
diabetic recipes
Image by mrs.McD
Abusolutely no flour 🙂

diabetic recipes
Image by mrs.McD
Made it with Splenda..

500 ml 2% milk
3 Tbs splenda
1 pack gelentin

heat up the milk in a sauce pan
Turn off the heat when the milk is close to boiling.. ** Keep stiring the milk when heating
Mix the geletin and splenda together until completely dissolved
Cool and pour in the mold
refridgerate for 2-3 hours before serving

Nice Diabetic Recipes photos

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Some cool diabetic recipes images:

Oat Pancake
diabetic recipes
Image by mrs.McD
Replace half of pancake powder with oat and wheat germ
Mix the pancake powder with water well
put in oat and wheat germ
cook it the same way you make your pancake

Put some FRESH fruit on top (canned fruits contain more sugar)
serve with sugar free maple syrup

Thanksgiving Breakfast
diabetic recipes
Image by mrs.McD
Sugar free mocha coffee + Oat pancake

me and myself

Taste of Home Down Home Diabetic Cookbook

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Taste of Home Down Home Diabetic Cookbook

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