Recovery diet. #fuckingballsurgery

October 22, 2018 · Posted in Diet 

Some cool diet images:

Recovery diet. #fuckingballsurgery
Image by jasonEscapist

Witchetty grub
Image by CameliaTWU
Grubs are large, white wood-eating larvae of several moths and the most important insect food of the desert, a staple in the diets of Aboriginal women and children. The word witchetty comes from Adynyamathanha wityu, "hooked stick" and vartu, "grub". The grubs feed on tissues inside the roots of River Red Gum (Eucalyptus camaldulensis) and Black Wattle trees (common name for a number of species of Acacia).

The guide got the grub out of a Black Wattle and asked for a volunteer to taste it. Indigenous Australians eat grubs either raw or lightly cooked in hot ashes as a source of proteins. Apparently the raw witchetty grub tastes like almonds and cooked it taste like fried eggs. After a few minutes of debate and encouragement, a young New Zealander decided to try. She was instructed to hold the grub above her mouth and wait for the ‘paparazzi’ (those were us, see the picture below) to take pictures before she drops the grub into her mouth and eats it. She said it was chewy and tasted like egg.

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