Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving

September 28, 2019 · Posted in Cookbook 

Check out these cookbook images:

Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving
Image by ohmeaghan
Read once over and tagged for future canning adventures!

Image by an untrained eye
May 25th, 2008 – Brussels, Belgium

I’m not quite finished with my New York shots, but I think I need a break from them – and you probably do too. So I thought I’d post this, which I took in Brussels last weekend. I’m really torn between this black and white version – it has something of the classic street photography feel to it, I think, especially in the blurred movement of the little girl – and the colour version, which quite apart from anything else allows us to see the red-and-white-polka-dotted bathing cap of the rather splendid lady swimmer.

[PS The beady-eyed amongst you – you know who you are – will spot that the black and white version is ever-so-slightly cropped and ever-so-slightly straightened. Not sure why. It just is.]

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