The Daniel’s Fast Cookbook

February 12, 2010 · Posted in Bestselling Cooking Books 

Product Description
This much needed book is endorsed by Elmer Towns, author of Fasting for Spiritual Breakthrough. I believe in Fasting for Spiritual Breakthrough, this is a discipline that God has given to the church for renewal, revival, and worship of the Lord. I am so glad that Grace Bass and Lynda Anderson have written this cookbook on The Daniel Fast. I pray that God will use it in the lives of many people.” Elmer L. Towns Co-Founder, Liberty University Dean, School of Rel… More >>

The Daniel’s Fast Cookbook

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5 Responses to “The Daniel’s Fast Cookbook”

  1. Spouse of T on February 12th, 2010 10:47 pm

    This book was not what I thought it was going to be. If you are looking for a Daniel Fast….I would suggest something else. The book came in a timely manner. I gave the book away at a yard sale.
    Rating: 2 / 5

  2. letters2mary on February 13th, 2010 1:31 am

    In addition to a surprising endorsement of sweeteners, this book provides recipes which call for a good number of ingredients that may not be part of every kitchen. Some spices are mentioned (i.e., Chinese five spice) that are not described nor are the places where they may be purchased suggested. The photographs make the food look really unattractive. I regret this purchase.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  3. R. H. Schumann on February 13th, 2010 3:07 am

    Good service, arrived in good time and in good condition. Exactly what we were looking for.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  4. M. Fried on February 13th, 2010 4:12 am

    Really good information and great recipes. It gives you a place to start if you are new to the vegan/vegetarian lifestyle. I would recommend the book.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  5. HIS Child on February 13th, 2010 6:41 am

    We are determined this year to eat healthy – at home – and whatever hits our fancy out. Purchased this book and every recipe I’ve tried is a definite repeat. There are even some Daniel Fast desserts and breads.

    If you are looking for Daniel Fast Recipes or just some healthy cookin this is the book for you.
    Rating: 5 / 5

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