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Some cool cook books images:

Image from page 104 of “Domestic science, principles and application; a text-book for public schools” (1914)
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Identifier: domesticsciencep00bail
Title: Domestic science, principles and application; a text-book for public schools
Year: 1914 (1910s)
Authors: Bailey, Pearl La Verne, 1884-
Subjects: Cookery Home economics cbk
Publisher: St. Paul, Minn., Webb Publishing Co.
Contributing Library: The Library of Congress
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puffed up and delicately browned underneathplace pan in not oven to finish cooking the top. Theomelet is cooked if it is firm to the touch when pressed with the finger. Fold, and turn on a hot platter. Serve at once. {Basis for 2 girls, 1 egg.) To Fold an Omelet.—Hold the omelet pan by the handlewith the left hand. Crease the omelet slightly across thecenter at right angles to the handle of the pan. Slip thespatula under the edge of the omelet farthest from thehandle of the pan and, tipping the pan up, fold the omeletover half way towards the handle. With the right handinvert a hot plate over the pan, and with a quick movementturn the omelet out of the pan upon the plate. Garnishwith parsley and serve immediately. The success of anomelet of this kind depends upon the amount of air en-closed in the egg and the expansion of the air in cooking.2. Fancy Omelets A fancy omelet may be made by the addition of gratedcheese, minced ham, or other meat sprinkled over the top PROTEIN—EGGS 83

Text Appearing After Image:
Fi;;. 9. Folding an omelet. 84 DOMESTIC SCIENCE just before folding. Parsley, oysters, or vegetables finelycut may also be used. A sweet omelet is made by spreading soft jelly or pre-serves and powdered sugar over the top. 3. French Omelet 3 eggs }/2 tsp. salt 1 tbsp. hot water or milk 1 tbsp. butter Pepper Method.—Beat eggs slightly, add water and seasoning.Heat the omelet pan, melt the butter and let it run over thebottom and sides of the pan. Turn in the mixture, and cookslowly. When thick at one side, roll the mixture over tothe other side, like a jelly roll. When all is evenly cooked,roll out upon a hot plate. Garnish and serve. One egg is allowed to each person for any omelet. 4. Scrambled Eggs5 eggs ^ 3^ tsp. salt }/2 c. milk 3^ tsp. pepper 2 tbsp. butter Method.—Beat eggs slightly, add salt, pepper and milk.Melt butter in an omelet pan, turn in egg mixture and cookslowly, scraping from the bottom and sides of the panwhen the mixture first sets. Cook until creamy. Turnit up

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