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October 1, 2019 · Posted in Family Meals 

A few nice family meals images I found:

Morning Glory Street Food Restaurant and Cooking School, Hue Vietnam
family meals
Image by David McKelvey
The owner of Morning Glory, Ms Trinh Diem Vy, is an internationally famous Chef. Her restaurant was the first to cater to foreigners visiting Hoi An, creating menus of family recipes, street foods and local specialties so that visitors could experience Vietnamese cuisine in comfort. She was also the first Vietnamese chef to start a cooking school in Hoi An.

Chinese okra (luffa)
family meals
Image by Joel Abroad
‘Chinese okra’ (luffa, loofah), Hunan Cuisine, Chinatown, Honolulu, September 2013: Luffa belongs to the cucumber family (Cucurbitaceae) while okra (Abelmoschus esculentus) belongs to the mallow (Malvaceae) family.

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