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March 20, 2019 · Posted in Family Meals 

A few nice family meals images I found:

family meals
Image by cpy

Events at The Walters
family meals
Image by The Walters Art Museum
There are always exciting events and programs happening at the Walters Art Museum for children, adults and the family. To find out what is happening at the Walters, please check our calendar at….

A Congolese Thanksgiving Feast
family meals
Image by Woody Collins
Happy Thanksgiving Day! That’s for my fellow Americans.

In Congo, I found that family birthday celebrations come the closest to our Thanksgiving feast. Congolese go all out to celebrate their older family member’s birthday. Those birthdays are precious. Older Congolese have suffered through diseases, suffering, and colonialism.

There are plenty of foods to eat. Chicken, fish and goat replaces the turkey as the center piece meat.

It’s not our Thanksgiving Feast but it’s a Congolese Thanksgiving Feast. Yum, yum, I am ready to eat!…

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