Ugh! I *hate* being on a diet!

October 7, 2018 · Posted in Diet 

Check out these diet images:

Ugh! I *hate* being on a diet!
Image by pmarkham
This is Mariah, my friend’s Morgan/Fresian mare. She foundered back in May, but her feet have healed nicely so far. As part of her treatment, the vet wants her to lose a bunch of weight. She’s lost 150 so far. She has another 150 to go.

The price of a good model
Image by Kerri Lee Smith
Mack and Jimmy will do almost anything for a kibble of their favorite food (Hill’s T/D – tarter diet). I placed this kibble on the fence and sure enough, Mack spotted it followed the script.

The picture in the comments shows Jimmy eating his payment. The colors were so intense on the overcast, but bright, morning we had a few weeks ago. I took these fence pictures at the same time I took Ella’s from yesterday’s post. As you can tell, Ella can not be bought with a single kibble. In fact, she can’t be bought… period.

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