The Complete Vegan Cookbook: Over 200 Tantalizing Recipes, Plus Plenty of Kitchen Wisdom for Beginners and Experienced Cooks

October 12, 2010 · Posted in Bestselling Cooking Books 

Product Description
Now vegan means vitality and vibrant taste!
A simple definition—
The vegan diet consists exclusively of foods from the vegetable kingdom and excludes all animal products—meat, poultry, fish, seafood, eggs, dairy, and honey—as well as products which are processed using animal ingredients.
Good health and great flavor have finally come together! Whether you’re a full-time vegan or simply looking for an occasional “ideal” meal—one low in … More >>

The Complete Vegan Cookbook: Over 200 Tantalizing Recipes, Plus Plenty of Kitchen Wisdom for Beginners and Experienced Cooks

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5 Responses to “The Complete Vegan Cookbook: Over 200 Tantalizing Recipes, Plus Plenty of Kitchen Wisdom for Beginners and Experienced Cooks”

  1. Michael Van Ornum on October 12th, 2010 6:41 pm

    I’ve found the recipes in this book to be, on average, very good to excellent. Many recipes are made entirely from vegetables you can get at the local farmers market. Dependance on soy and soy derivatives is (refreshingly) minimized. This book focuses more on wonderful and delicious recipes made from vegetable instead of trying to imitate or substitute for the usual meat and cheese dishes. No need to special order ingredients from Venezuela or the Ivory Coast either. I found this book approachable, practical, and with recipes that can fit into any meal, vegan or not. I highly recommend this book for anyone interested in cooking with vegetables.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  2. Getting Healthy on October 12th, 2010 7:03 pm

    Who knew vegan food could be so delicious and varied? I still eat some dairy and eggs, but this book proved to me that I can (and someday will) be completely satisified with no animal products in my diet. The broad range of foods used in these recipes, and the creative way they are combined, truly opened my eyes. I’m not even a great cook, but I’ve enjoyed making these dishes, and they’ve all been really good, especially the soups and the pilafs (and the tacos!). Even if you don’t like or are allergic to soy products, you can eat for a year on these recipes without getting bored. And don’t worry about the low-carb thing–these recipes use healthy complex carbs like veggies, beans, and grains. Also, I learned a lot about nutrition and a lot of great cooking tips with this book–in a fun way, not like a textbook. The Complete Vegan Cookbook is great!
    Rating: 5 / 5

  3. Anonymous on October 12th, 2010 7:49 pm

    I just starting eating vegan this year, and this cookbook makes it very easy and tasty. This is a very diverse cookbook, yet the ingredients are not so exotic that you cannot find them. I especially love the Soba with Fresh Soybeans and Spicy Tahini Sauce and the Orrechiette with Tomato Sauce, Basil, and Toasted Pine Nuts. I made a few recipes out of this book for my non-vegan parents and in-laws for Easter dinner, and they loved them. This book has definitely made the transition from omnivore to vegan a great experience.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  4. Midwest Book Review on October 12th, 2010 10:36 pm

    A vegan diet is one drawn exclusively from the vegetable kingdom and excludes all animal meat products including seafood, eggs, dairy, and honey, as well as any vegetable product which is processed using animal ingredients. In The Complete Vegan Cookbook, Susan Geiskopf-Hadler and Mindy Toomay effectively collaborate to present more than two hundred mouth-watering recipes enhanced with a wealth of “kitchen wisdom” for the benefit of the kitchen novice — as well as the experience chef! From French Lentil Salad with Fresh Basil and Mint; Cauliflower in Coriander Cashew Sauce; and White Beans with Tomatoes and Chipotle Chilies; to Skewers of Baby Squash and Tempeh in Pineapple-Ginger Marinade; Granola with Dried Cranberries and Apricots; and Banana-Date Freeze, The Complete Vegan Cookbook is a “must” for the vegetarian bookshelf!
    Rating: 5 / 5

  5. MN on October 12th, 2010 11:23 pm

    This was my first Vegan recipe book. I have tried many recipes from the book, and they have all been wonderful. I would highly recommend this book.
    Rating: 5 / 5

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