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February 1, 2019 · Posted in Diet 

Some cool diet images:

_MG_1918_web – Reichstag & Bundestag before sunrise
Image by AlexDROP
Reichstag (the historical building on the left reconstructed by Norman foster in 1999 after WWII) and Bundestag (the Paul-Lobe-Haus by Stephan Braunfels as one of Bundestag buildings on the right) before sunrise. The word Reichstag (Imperial Diet Building) refers mainly to the building, while Bundestag (Federal Diet) refers to the institution as a constitutional and legislative body at the federal level in Germany.
Рейхстаг (историческое здание, востановленное в 1999г. Норманом Фостером после разрушений во Второй мировой войне – слева) и Бундустаг (корпус Пауля Лёбе авторства архитектора Штефана Браунфелса – справа) на восходе. Обычно слово "Рейхстаг" употребляется применительно к историческому зданию (слева на фото), тогда как слово "Бундестаг" (Федеральное собрание) означает законодательную власть в Германии.

Danaus gilippus
Image by Gustavo Fernando Durán
The queen butterfly (Danaus gilippus) is a butterfly in the family Nymphalidae with a wingspan of 70–88 mm (2.8–3.5 in). It is orange or brown with black wing borders and small white forewing spots on its dorsal wing surface, and reddish ventral wing surface fairly similar to the dorsal surface. The ventral hindwings have black veins and small white spots in a black border. The male has a black androconial scent patch on its dorsal hindwings. It can be found in a variety of locations: depending on its habitat location, the butterfly can be found in meadows, fields, marshes, deserts, and at the edges of forests.

This species is possibly a close relative to the similarly colored soldier butterfly (or "Tropic queen"; Danaus eresimus).

Unpalatability to avian predators is a feature of the butterfly; however, its level is highly variable. Unpalatability is correlated with the level of cardenolides obtained via the larval diet, but other compounds like alkaloids also play a part in promoting distastefulness.

Males patrol to search for females, who may mate up to 15 times a day. Male organs called hair-pencils play an important role in courtship, with males with lower hair-pencil levels being selected against. These hair-pencils may be involved in releasing pheromones during courtship that could attract female mates.


Diet Cherry Coke all gone!
Image by cackhanded
I wanted to buy some, dagnabbit.

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