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September 28, 2011 · Posted in Healthy Food Choices 

A few nice healthy food choices images I found:

September 20: Stop. Soup time.
healthy food choices
Image by gwen
It’s cold today, so time for soup. Add your own to the It’s Soup! group.

The recipe, as previously posted elsewhere. I baked the tortilla chips this time — not nearly as tasty but healthier. And I used the tomato sauce I made with the first batch of tomatoes I’ve ever grown — honestly can’t tell the difference between that and the canned ones.

Tortilla soup

Chicken soup with the added benefit of vitamin C-ful tomatoes and lots of cayenne pepper to clear your sinuses. Or you can think of it as spicy minestrone with tortillas.

I’m not so much on the measuring, and things like this depend a lot on your specific taste, so these are rough guidelines rather than instructions, and you should ignore them whenever possible so you end up with the soup that is right for you.

corn and/or flour tortillas
some chicken
an onion, maybe two
some tomatoes, or a can this time of year
bitty pasta — noodles, stars, ABCs, etc.
cayenne pepper or other hotcha seasonings of choice
possibilities: carrots, corn, potatoes

[The vegetarian version of this would lack chicken, and use vegetable broth of some sort.]

Slice up some corn and flour tortillas and fry them in vegetable oil til brown, then drain on paper towel and put in over to keep warm while you make your soup.

Get your chicken stock boiling [I use boullion cubes], then liberally sprinkle with cayenne pepper and toss in your cubed chicken. Start a pan on the other burner with a bit of oil and sautee your chopped onions. Add in chopped-up tomatoes and some garlic when the onions are translucent. Combine ingredients of pot and pan [I find a really big pot works here] and add your pasta [how much depends on if you are a soupy-soup type of person or you like your spoon standing; I think you can guess which I am], then simmer until you are ready to eat.

This is the point where you put a big handful of those tortilla strips in a big bowl then drown them in the soupier part of this adventure. Hence the name.

Primanti’s sandwich
healthy food choices
Image by sylvar
Primanti Bros. is a Pittsburgh original. Their sandwiches are topped with hot french fries and cold cole slaw and tomato slices.

Cutting the cheese: Daily image 2011–January 26
healthy food choices
Image by Rochelle, just rochelle
My husband has inspired me to take healthier lunches, so I’ve made salads this week. I make them before I can think about what I might really want to eat because I’ll end up with something completely different if I base my choice on desire, rather than sensibility. Did I mention that my boss brought cinnamon rolls to our Admin Team meeting this morning? Sensibility fail.

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