Cool Diet images

September 13, 2019 · Posted in Diet 

Some cool diet images:

Frauenhände mit einem Maßband verbunden, halten zwei Schokoladenriegel
Image by verchmarco
✅ Marco Verch is a Professional Photographer and Speaker from Cologne. 👆 This image can be used under Creative Commons 2.0. Please link to the original photo and the license.

Image by Diet Munhoz
Filme: Fuji asa 400

The Cornish Pasty
Image by Neil. Moralee
The pasty has been a documented part of the British diet since the 13th Century, at this time being devoured by the rich upper classes and royalty. The fillings were varied and rich; venison, beef, lamb and seafood like eels, flavoured with rich gravies and fruits. It wasn’t until the 17th and 18th centuries that the pasty was adopted by miners and farm workers in Cornwall as a means for providing themselves with easy, tasty and sustaining meals while they worked. And so the humble Cornish Pasty was born.

Candid street shot, Sidmouth Devon, UK

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