We’ll Start Our Diet After the Holidays

February 22, 2013 · Posted in Diet 

Check out these diet images:

We’ll Start Our Diet After the Holidays
Image by The Pack
Don’t worry! I let the boyz have the bully sticks, I’m not so greedy…. but the chocolate is ALL MINE! hehehe. And yes despite Merc’s diet I let him have a bit of bully. He really wanted it and asked so nicely (with a couple nose bonks) for me to hand it to him off the low coffee table.

Because some of you may not know, dark chocolate especially the 99% on top of my stack, is toxic to dogs. Be very careful when gifting to homes with pets, that you are sure to wrap and then label items that may be harmful if placed where the pets can get to the gift.

When I was young, I was convinced that our beagle could read. He of course only opened the gifts with his name on them when we left him downstairs with the tree one night. What a smart beagle! Don’t let your pets, or your friend’s pets, outsmart you this holiday. 🙂

Mike Trying to Look Askance at KFP Diet Coke
Image by Miss Shari
This is Mike trying to give a sad look to the Kosher Diet Coke at the Albertson’s at Fort Apache/Sahara. Diet?! Luckily we found some Kosher-for-Passover real Coke, aka the kind made with sugar and not nasty HFCS, up the road…

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