pregnatarian diet – whole chicken – _MG_7589

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pregnatarian diet – whole chicken – _MG_7589
Image by sean dreilinger
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rotisserie chicken

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62/365 – On A Diet
Image by Helga Weber
My first attempt at erasing my mouth. It’s not very good, I lost a lot of detail and…haha, I actually took the skin from my neck, adjusted the levels and curves, pasted it over my mouth, and then worked the stamp tool. I’m sure there are better techniques to doing this.

For FF: Hello, I am on a diet! It’s an experiment to see if I have enough self-control to stay away from rice and beer for a week. I’m hoping to lose five pounds 🙂 And ooh, I’ve been working out, too.

And for GTWL: Natural light. I might’ve edited the heck out of this but all my shots are taken in natural light (because I have a sucky camera, bah) heh.

Ooh, and for TOTW: Technique!

A friend also noticed that I have a big plate. The plate wasn’t centered so I had to select it with the pen tool, duplicated the layer, and then transformed it to make it bigger and a bit more centered 🙂

Got the measuring tape idea here and the texture is from here.

Explored, thanks! <3
#59, March 2

National Diet Building
Image by Dunechaser
More about the real building on Wikipedia.

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