Nice Cookbook photos

January 27, 2014 · Posted in Cookbook 

Check out these cookbook images:

Ann sorting Cookbooks
Image by skeggy
Ann Springer, AAUW branch president.

Just discovered @vanrenen’s mom wrote the Greens Glorious Greens cookbook. It took 4 yrs to find it!
Image by mariachily

Grandma Inis Counselman Cookbook 08
Image by Counselman Collection
Grandma Inis never knew what the internet was, and she has no idea that her old recipes are now posted on the internet, but I wanted to save and preserve them for her Great Great Grandchildren that are now living in her houses. It looks like the book wore out many decades ago, and Grandpa had to sew it back together for her, but with a little computer enhancement, I am still able to read her writing. I see a lot of lard being used, and I do not know if my doctor will allow that for me today, but I sure remember the food was great. If anyone wants any certain pages, just email me; the JPGs are about 2MB each.

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