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August 16, 2012 · Posted in Cook Books 

A few nice cook books images I found:

“Silent Hostess” Treasure Book: Caring for a Monitor Top
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Image by litlnemo
The "Silent Hostess" Treasure Book was a cookbook and instruction book published by GE for owners of their Monitor Top refrigerators (though the term "Monitor Top" is never used in the book). It contains recipes and information on how to use the refrigerator — remember, for most owners, this would have been their first electric refrigerator.

We have a Monitor Top, so I was looking for a copy of this cookbook, and found one on Etsy!

The book has lots of gorgeous color pictures as well as neat 1920s style line drawings.

The copy of the Treasure Book I have was published in 1930.

Edible Book Festival / Brea & Zan
cook books
Image by Topeka & Shawnee County Public Library
Our organizers grilling this year’s eats…

Grill, aka Scuba Steve’s Combat-Ready Campfire Grill, is courtesy of artist Eric Ryser and appears in this year’s Topeka Competition 30. We couldn’t resist grilling our books on it.

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