Cool Cookbook images

December 1, 2018 · Posted in Cookbook 

Some cool cookbook images:

cutting cake
Image by chotda
when making petit fours, it is easiest to bake the cake in square/rectangular pans, then cut the pieces down to size. i cut these squares down to 1 1/4"x1 1/4", and used a pound cake recipe (found here), because i like how sturdy the cake is, without being dry. it’s easier to cut the cake when it is completely cooled–refrigerated or frozen is even better.

Ayurvedic diet made simple
Image by PrityaBooks
An ayurvedic cookbook with simple, delicious & healthy vegetarian recipes: Sweet Platter | Soopa | Vegetable Medley | Healthy Lentils | Snacks | Indian Breads | Rice Bowl | Chutneys Salads | Beverages

Cooking Bookshelf
Image by Chris_o_ramma
A shelf full of cookbooks

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