2009 06 03 Books I’m Reading

June 23, 2012 · Posted in Cook Books 

Some cool cook books images:

2009 06 03 Books I’m Reading
cook books
Image by sdobie
Star Wars: The New Jedi Order: Edge of Victory II: Rebirth by Greg Keyes
Afraid by Jack Kilborn
Man-Kzin Wars XI created by Larry Niven
The Black Company Goes South by Glen Cook
Saturn’s Children by Charles Stross

Bacon Books
cook books
Image by mistersnappy
Purveyors of the finest Jewish Cookbooks you’ll find this side of Kings Cross!

2007 – Day 286 – Cooking
cook books
Image by Jonathan_W
Every time I see this sign I am transported back to my Nanny’s kitchen sitting on a high chair in the corner. It was wooden, painted white, and you could get your little finger suck hole on the arm, my uncle once did when he was small. Nanny said that they had to use a banana as grease to release him.

The kitchen was a great place to be, everyone would be there popping in and out, chatting. If you were lucky you would get a quick taste of something, if Mum’s back was turned.

I however am no where near being as an accomplished cook as she was, I have trouble boiling an egg. Today’s meal went rather wrong, despite having very clear instructions. Thankfully it tasted fine, the problem was presentational. I am just lucky that my guest as a forgiving nature.

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