Recipe: Lasagna

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Recipe: Lasagna
Image by Smaku
Lasagna. With so many variations on this great pasta dish, who’s to say which one is better than the other? This recipe is a combination of the one found on the box of a pack of Barilla Lasagne sheets, and self improvisation for the tomato sauce. i.e. I used a jar of pre-made sauce instead of making it from scratch. This recipe works well as the base of a meat lasagna. Fiddle with it yourself to make your lasagna that suits your own taste.

10 Sheets of Lasagne
450g minced meat
200g cherry tomatoes
100g mushrooms
75g peppers (any colour, doesn’t matter too much)
50g butter
50g onions, diced finely
50g grated parmesan cheese
1 clove of garlic, finely chopped
15g bay leaves, finely chopped
Glass of white wine, coffee (both optional)

Bechamel sauce
1 litre of milk
45g butter
45g flour
15g nutmeg


1) In a large skillet, brown the onions in oil [2] along with your garlic. Add your meat to the mixture [3] and cook for another 5 minutes. Once meat is almost fully cooked, season this mixture to taste with some added goods. I added about 3 tablespoons of freshly brewed coffee [4] to the above but didn’t make too much of a noticable impression. Next time I’ll add more. 1 glass of white wine was also added [5]. Cook until wine has fully evaporated.

2) Add mushrooms and enough tomato sauce to make the sauce fairly liquid [6]. Mix thoroughly [7]. Add your peppers [12] and extra tomatoes [13] to the tomato sauce and mix again. Add bay leaves to mixture. Set aside on low heat.

3) Make the Bechamel sauce in another pot [8].

4) Grease the edges of an oven dish. Line the bottom with a layer of bechamel sauce [14]. Piece two sheets of lasagne on top. Then add a layer of the meat sauce. Add another layer of bechamel sauce, and sprinkle some parmesan cheese on top. Repeat for enough layers to fill the oven dish [15].

5) Bake in oven for 20 minutes at 200C [16].

Bechamel Sauce

1) In a pot, bring milk to a boil [8]. In another pot, melt the butter [9]. Add flour and pour in the hot milk. Be sure to whisk immediately so as not to form any clumps of flour. When mixture boils, remove from heat and add nutmeg and salt to taste [11].

Sidenote: This recipe called for using the no-cooking lasagne sheets, which rely on the moisture from the bechamel and tomato sauces. If your sauces are not liquid enough, the layers of lasagne sheets may still be hard after baking. Use sheets of lasagne that you boil beforehand if you want to ensure a good lasagna.

My Design Recipe
Image by Cooky Yoon
My design recipe / by cooky YOON

I am a designer who thinks ideas more than foods as well as wants balanced ideas. When a person feels hungry, they thinks and wants food but Design is more important for me than foods. I constantly think ideas and Design; also, I pursue and crave for something new anytime or anywhere. These thoughts express my passion. I would like to be a steadily changing designer with positive attitude by satisfying my passion with new ideas, assimilating them and then embracing fresh ideas again.

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