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July 11, 2011 · Posted in Recipes 

A few nice recipes images I found:

Recipe Flowchart
Image by chavelli
Last year I set out to improve my basic cooking skills. I’ve always been able to follow recipes, but often found myself frustrated with the format of most cookbooks. Recipes written in prose would leave me lost as I’d dash away to complete a task, and numbered steps were sometimes too simplistic to give me an accurate idea of what I was getting into (i.e. I could use some help with planning and multitasking).

I wanted to address the following problems:

Understanding the scope of the dish: being able to visualize the different pieces to the overall recipe and thus have an idea of how to plan my time.
Efficiency: I would often take longer to prepare dishes because as a beginner I didn’t know when I could multitask. I wanted to be able to convey idle time.
Simplicity: as much as I like well-written pieces, often I just wanted to ‘get things done’. I wanted something straight to the point but clear enough for someone with basic cooking skills and knowledge to execute.

My solution was to design a horizontal flowchart recipe. The x-axis represents time (not to any particular scale), and by using the starting point of each major step as the vessel for the task at hand, proceeding ‘actions’ and ‘ingredients’ are clearly marked and easily identified. Heat is unmistakable in red, darkening and lightening in accordance with the strength.

Bottom line is it allows me to—at a glance—see what ingredients and vessels I need, have an idea of how to plan my time (when to multitask), and follow along as I complete steps.


Coincidentally, GOOD Magazine featured a ‘Redesign A Recipe’ Project soon after I completed this so I submitted it for selection. You can see it highlighted as one of the top 22 shortlisted by the magazine.

Waffle Recipe (auf Deutsch)
Image by nlnnet
Waffle Recipe

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