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August 10, 2011 · Posted in Healthy Food Choices 

Check out these healthy food choices images:

fun printable kids lunch cards -healthy lunch notes nutrition
healthy food choices
Image by nutrition education
Fun kids nutrition printables!
Healthy eating lunch box reminder cards.…

Healthy lunch
healthy food choices
Image by A30_Tsitika
Not so much on a diet but trying to make intelligent choices when it comes to eating. Throw a little exercise in the equation, and I already feel a bit better about myself. Hopefully I’ll stick with it. With yummy food like this, it shouldn’t be that hard. 🙂

Diabetes365 Day 39 November 15 – Snack foods
healthy food choices
Image by Bernard Farrell
I attended a big launch session at work today with about 400 colleagues. In between the presentations, we were given some snacks.

So about 3 PM, I wander to the snack table and see the following selection.

A selection that’s both high carbohydrate and high fat. And definitely not worth taking insulin to eat.

What happened to fruit as a snack choice?

Full disclosure: I knew they wouldn’t have anything ‘good’ to eat. So I bolused about 10 minutes before break time and ended up having an ice cream bar, slowly. My blood sugar ended up staying pretty close to normal.

There is no cure for Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes.


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