Nice Healthy Food Choices photos

August 8, 2011 · Posted in Healthy Food Choices 

A few nice healthy food choices images I found:

Healthy living booth at school
healthy food choices
Image by Pencils for Kids, Libore, Niger
Willowbrook Publc School in Thornhil,l Ontario is working hard to keep fit and healthy while raising money for needy students in Libore, Niger, Africa. In order to stay fit, students are running in the gym twice a week before school begins at 8:30 am. These energetic and committed kids are also trying to get their peers to make healthier food choices by selling healthy snacks that have been donated by local grocery stores. In October, Longo’s donated 100 apples which were sold at the school during recess. The money raised was donated to Pencils 4 Kids to support their new library and educational programs. Bravo to the staff and students at Willowbrook. Healthy snacks will continue to be sold at the school.

Mushy shit frozen food
healthy food choices
Image by tarale
defrosted, cooked… but still mushy shit frozen food

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