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June 8, 2012 · Posted in Family Meals 

Check out these family meals images:

Family meal: falafel and goat sausage sandwiches with fennel cream and arugula pesto 🙂
family meals
Image by Special*Dark

Family meal: Channeling a Pluto’s-style salad. Bay area peeps know what I’m talkin’ about 🙂
family meals
Image by Special*Dark
Crispy porchetta, garbanzo beans, cucumbers, fennel, arugula, ‘shrooms, frisee. Red wine vinaigrette with anchovy.

Just Another Photo of Allan Foster – 93/365
family meals
Image by foshydog
We did our family Easter get together today and had some lasagna for lunch. I like switching up the family meals from ham and turkey to a lasagna or even pizza. We played a few little games to just have some fun which ended up being super hard but fun to see somebody win. We did an egg toss and a frisbee toss. My mom invented the games and everyone gave it a shot. I have to admit that I did not win anything but it was fun to give it a try.

For today’s photo I grabbed my uncle and snapped off a few shots of him before we left. I am actually named after him which is kind of neat. Growing up I called him "Uncle Al". I don’t if that was decided upon because I was born or if he always just went by "Al". I should probably find that out. He was a good sport about getting his picture taken and even said I should try to find my niche in photography and just stick with it. I wish I knew what this niche was so I could get going in some direction. Dare to dream.

Side note: I know Lance has pointed out that some of my shots have had too much red in them so I tried to work on this one for a little bit. Let me know what you think.

Here is a pic of my dad and uncle when they were younger.

strobist info: flash camera left through a white umbrella at 1/4 power.



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