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Vegatarians created the UFC, BJJ, Modern MMA, Best Diet for Strikers Grapplers Bodybuilders Athletes – Watch out for Paleo Scam Diet Found Unfit – 5
Vegetarians invented the UFC. The Ultimate Fighting Championship was created by a vegetarian.

The Ultimate Fighter who invented it all eats no meat.

The Ultimate Fighting Championship was invented by Rorion Gracie of the Gracie Family. Rorion Gracie eats no red meat and owes his cardio, athleticism, and strength to his vegetarian diet, including fruit and vegetables.

Meat is not good for athletes and a meat diet is deficient in nutrients, it results in tiredness, lack of endurance, failure to have any stamina, and more porous weaker muscle. Plant based muscle is packed more solid and vegetarian muscle is stronger. Meat contains estrogen. Meat is feminine. Cooking meat produces a substance called "Heterocyclic Amines", one of which is called PhIP, which is estrogenic and so all meat when cooked, especially barbequed steak is effeminizing. Not many people are aware of this. Vegetarians do not have this problem. This is why vegetarians were measured to have higher testosterone levels than men who eat meat.

Vegetarian and vegan is the best diet for athletes, men, and fighters. Roman Gladiators, the original ultimate fighters were also vegetarian. Shaolin Monks who developed kung fu were also vegetarian.

Martial Arts was invented by Bodhidharma in india, who was a vegetarian.

Vegetarian is the best fighter’s diet. And indeed, the entire UFC and modern Mixed Martial Arts in the UFC was created by a vegetarians!

Lierre Keith – The Vegetarian Myth – Amazon Book Author – Vegan Weston Price WAPF Meat Diet Lowcarb Raw Paleolithic Sally Fallon Morell FatHead Movie Hypocrisy – 9
Image by Paleo-Crossfit-Omnivore-Lowcarb-NonVegan-Meat-Diet

Lierre Keith’s book information has been found scientifically flawed, contains numerous pieces of erroneous information and the book has now been declared factually incorrect and is now generally regarded as wholly discredited.


-False Claim by Lierre Keith: There are no plant sources for saturated fat. This means vegans don’t absorb essential nutrients like tryptophan and fat-soluable vitamins (see discussions in chapters 1 and 4.)=FALSE.

Reality: False. There are so many plant sources of saturated fat. They include various oils, avocado, coconut, nuts, and nut butters. Many nutrition experts say these are actually among the best sources of saturated fat, because they aren’t generally accompanied by the more problematic fats found in many animal products.

-Another False Claim made by Lierre Keith: “Vegans get no B12″ (all over Lierre Keith’s The Vegetarian Myth book.)=FALSE.

Actual Scientific Facts: YES THERE IS FULLY VEGAN B-12. One more time: Vegans can get Vitamin B12. In fact, it is now shown that Vitamin B12 is not even produced by Meat. Meat does not produce B12. B12 is not produced by mammals, not cows, not chickens, no B12 is created by livestock animals, not by eggs, not by milk, and is not manufactured or even produced at all by red meat. Vitamin B-12 is produced by bacteria, which is everywhere in nature, including on plants, in the soil, and is available nearly everywhere. Thus, science has now confirmed that B12 is not “only in meat” and not “only in animal products”. If you see either of these 2 phrases, they are declared medically false. In fact, the American Chemical Society has found vitamin B-12 in plants, including purple laver, agaricus bisporus, plain white button mushrooms, and more.

As an example of this, observe the following Scientific Report:

“Vitamin B12 the Active Corrinoid Produced in Cultivated White Button Mushrooms (Agaricus bisporus)”

This is a scientific article from the Journal of Food Chemistry on Vitamin B12 sources, as published by the American Chemical Society. Note also that the false postings by Norris are also scientifically debunked on this. And Mass Spectrometry has scientifically confirmed high concentrations of B-12 in 100% vegan foods, including plants. The B12 myth is false. B12 is now confirmed present in a vegan diet.

-Yet Another False Claim by Lierre Keith: There are no plant sources for tryptophan.=FALSE.

Reality: False. Tryptophan is found in many plant sources, including potato, banana, wheat flour, sesame, sunflower seeds, spirulina, raw soy, rice, and oats.

-Lierre Keith’s False Claim: Eating vegetarian kills more animals than eating meat=FALSE.

The Actual Facts: This is a long-known false claim that originated with a now debunked individual named Peter Singer who was found to be incompetent in biology. It is often ridiculed as “The Ground-dwelling animals ploy”. In other words, you’ll see people trying to post it or blog it saying that plants or crops kill tons of “ground-dwelling animals”. If you ever see this phrase, you’ll know it’s this already discredited hoax. Essentially what the guy did, is forgot that livestock eats. And posted (falsely) that vegetarians and vegans kill more animals than meat eaters(false) because if there were more vegans they’d need to plant more vegetables and plants to get food than now(false) and when you plow a field you kill little “ground-dwelling animals”. Yes, scientifically his statements are now widely regarded as either a joke, or biologically incompetent, or, done intentionally as something against vegetarians and fallaciously to bolster the meat lobby. Here’s why. His and Lierre Keith’s statement can be debunked in 2 words: ANIMALS EAT. In other words, he forgot that a cow eats up to 25-thousand times more grain, plants, and feed.

Here’s an example. Let’s say you have a meat-eater vs. a vegetarian. A farmer plants some corn. The example can include all crops, but to illustrate the point simply, let’s just consider the corn for now. Now, on DAY 1, the vegetarian will eat an amount of corn. (Note that this same thing applies no matter what crops the vegetarian eats, we’re just keeping it simple using corn for now). The human will eat probably a maximum of 3 or 4 ears of corn. Let’s even use the maximum example, 4 ears. Now let’s look at the meat-eater. Well, the meat’s not ready yet. The cow needs to be fed. Fed what? Corn. How much is the cow eating? Eating corn by the bushel-full. 50, 75, 100 ears of corn. Ok, so at the end of DAY 1, the vegetarian used up 4 ears of corn, and the vegetarian was fed. The meat-eater went hungry, because the cow is a newborn and isn’t ready yet. But it has already used up 100 ears of corn. Now, on DAY2, the vegan uses 4 ears of corn and obtains nourishment, vitamins, minerals, protein, nutrients, and more. Again, the meat-eater wanting the beef went hungry for the 2nd straight day and cannot eat yet because the cow is not ready for slaughter, it’s a newborn. Yet the cow has now devoured yet another 100 ears of corn. So on DAY2 the vegetarian has so far eaten only 8 ears of corn. The meat-eater has squandered over 200 ears of corn and hasn’t even eaten. In fact, cows are not slaughtered for 3 and even 4 years. So that is 4 x 365 days = 1,460 Days. And on each of those, the cow is devouring 100 earns of corn, that’s 1460 * 100 = a volume of 146-THOUSAND ears of corn as crops needed to obtain meat. In that same 1,460 days, the vegan has used only 4 ears per day, so 4 * 1,460 = 5840. One more time: The meat-eater will require 146-THOUSAND ears of corn, the vegan will require only 5. Vegan wins. Note that virtually all picking at this also fails. Saying one needs more than corn cannot be used because that will simply substitute a crop or vegetable and reduce the corn, so the vegan’s requirements stay the same. You can’t argue that it will only require pasture, because that has been found false, there is not enough pasture land on earth to feed the number of cows needed, so once again animals are going to be devouring crops. And saying the cow will last some days also fails because shortly afterward it is depleted and one needs to have been simultaneously feeding yet another cow, otherwise there would be a period of starvation. In other words, that argument even doubles the amount of land plowed up because now you’re feeding 2 cows. More acres are going to be needing to be plowed up, and therefore eating meat is killing more animals than the vegan or vegetarian. Thus the argument now known and ridiculed as the “ground-dwelling animals” myth has been long discredited and today is even regarded as funny. Yet you may still see some people who are unaware that it has been debunked, still posting it on chat-boards, or blogs of people less-educated in biology and proper science. And indeed, Lierre Keith has unwittingly included it as the basis for one of the main points of her book, not realising that it became a laughing-stock and the originator of this myth has been discredited.

-More False Claims spread by The Vegetarian Myth: “Vegans don’t get omega-3s” (all over the book.)=FALSE.

Reality: There are many vegan sources of omega-3s, including flax seed, pumpkin seed, canola oil, hemp, walnuts, etc. It is easy to, say, buy a bottle of flax oil and put a little in your food, or toss some pumpkin seeds into your salad. Vegetarian supplements are also extremely easy to come by. What makes this even more blatant, is that NO ANIMAL CAN ORIGINATE OMEGA3′S. One more time, animals cannot originate and manufacture omega3 fatty acids. So what about “Fish Oil”? Fish only have omega3′s because the fish have been eating the plants. What this means, is that not only are omega3′s simply fully present in a vegan diet, but a plant-based diet is where Omega3′s originated in the first place. This makes Lierre Keith in The Vegetarian Myth look incompetent. What about DHA? DHA once again, is manufactured by ocean plants. Called microalgae. It’s all over the place. DHA comes from plants. Not fish. Fish cannot produce omega3′s without plants in the first place. Grassfed beef is not a ‘source’ of omega3′s, the only reason any omega3′s are in it at all, is because the meat farmer gave omega3′s (from plants) to the cow to eat. Thus the meat-eater is merely obtaining pre-chewed omega3′s and the vegan is obtaining them already fresh from their original source. Humans given omega3′s can produce every other form of essential fatty acid, and also, this is important, humans produce it in the CORRECT PROPORTIONS. The reason this is important is because many erroneous sources have been incorrectly touting eating lots of fish or fishoil in order to obtain DHA or EPA, and this can lead to overdose, sickness, health damage and death. Your own body converts exactly the right amount of ALA into DHA. Incorrect sources will be seen stating that “you” are inefficient (presumably contrary to some ‘fact’ that you’re ‘designed’ over thousands of years to do it, you now find out you’re genetically flawed) and claim you need to ingest large doses of DHA. Well, DHA has now been linked to aggressive forms of Cancer.

Eating DHA in Fish Oil has been found linked to AGGRESSIVE PROSTATE CANCER. If you believe sites touting that ALA conversion is inefficient, and that you need to perform ingestion of fishoil and DHA supplements for DHA or the brain, you have now subjected yourself, your wife, your family, or your child to potential forms of aggressive cancer. The statements regarding DHA dosing have now been found medically fallacious and put your health at risk of aggressive health damage. You will find this perpetrated by Lierre Keith, and often by other erroneous paleo or quack blogs and false health sites.

With regard to the now-debunked paleo-diet, it has now been found that as per the authors of the paleo diet books, not one of them was a real paleontologist. One prominent “Paleo” author who put “Dr” on the front of his name turned out not to be a medical doctor at all, but had been using “Dr” merely because one can use “Doctor” merely if you get a PhD. And it turned out his PhD was in nothing more than “Exercise”. In other words, the author of the Paleo Diet book that was going around, was not originated by a person who has any qualification in paleo science at all, he was essentially a fitness instructor. A “Gym” teacher. He had never once been on a certified archeological dig. Not a paleontologist. And this paleo diet book ‘doctor’ would be cited by authorities if he were to attempt to even practice health medicine as a doctor. Yet he was believed by many people less-educated in paleolithic science who believe man’s ancestors ‘always ate meat’ or that one is ‘designed’ for it. Especially since the dentition or ‘teeth myth’ has now been debunked for humans. (In other words, any person caught attempting to state that it’s ‘proof’ that man was somehow ‘designed’ to eat meat, and trying to use the ‘example’ of humans’ tiny vestigial nubs of ‘canine teeth’ will have a problem, when it is pointed out that males-have-nipples, because according to their own teeth logic, that person will now be in the situation where they are now claiming that human men are precisely designed by nature and evolution to nurse a baby. Anyone who attempts to cite the teeth myth will be saying that MEN are gentically designed as nature intended, to bite into and take down a buffalo, and then breastfeed an infant on their male chest. And then having to explain how Gorillas, which are naturally vegan, have canine teeth 3-times as long. The answer was Defense. Another example: Musk Deer. Long teeth. Plant eater. Another: Hippo. Huge teeth. Plant-eating Vegan. Long teeth are used to scare away predators, for protection, not for meat. That was the finding. Not for eating meat.)

As per “the general palaeontological world Lucy represented a species called Australopithecus afarensis, that she was a VEGETARIAN”-Paleo Anthropologist – Don Johanson, part of the Leakey Team in Africa that discovered the bones of our human ancestors. Don Johanson is in fact the discoverer of Australopithecus Africanus “Lucy”. “If there is any legacy here it is that we have an African legacy,” he said. “We have a common origin, we have a common beginning, and I think it’s about time we recognized that we all have this common ancestry.”-Don Johanson, Paleontologist.

One more time… The man who is the actual discoverer of Lucy, man’s ancestor, now affirms that Australopithecus was originally vegetarian. It does not matter if Loren Cordain, Robb Wolf, Mark Sisson, or any paleo author, blogger, or some person on a chat board *thinks* that man has “always eaten meat”, or that man has “eaten meat for thousands of years”. This has now been debunked as an old wives tale, and virtually all of the paleo authors are not even qualified as actual certified paleoanthropologists, nor have they ever been on a sanctioned archeological dig. Instead, the Paleo diet, has been found to have come from merely diet-book authors who were found out to be merely fitness instructors, with no MD degree and not even certified to diagnose human health.

One common funny belief about the paleo diet is the belief that it actually reflects the diet of our ancestors. This is false. The Paleo Diet is not even what man’s ancestors ate. Here’s an example that instantly debunks the paleolithic diet: Pond Water. The Paleo diet’s founding basic principle is if cavemen didn’t have it, you CAN’T eat it. Well, cavemen didn’t have treated water. That means you can’t drink the water in your house. Think you’re paleo? Well, if you haven’t been going outside and lapping your water up out of a puddle, or drinking potentially stagnant bacteria and amoeba-laden pond-water, you’re not paleo. And you never have been. To be on the paleo diet you have to eat what cavemen ate, afterall, they insist that you are ‘designed’ for it. And you’ll also see the phrase ‘man’s been doing it for thousands of years’. Well, then obviously you drinking un-treated potentially bacteria and cryptosporidia-laden water out of a Giardia ridden stream or river, should be ok, afterall, you were designed for it. You drinking out of an animal watering-hole, where animals washed and bathed themselves of ticks and parasites, and potentially with animal urine and feces in it, should not only be “ok” for you, according to paleo, you were Born to eat it. Except you weren’t. And humans despite ‘doing it for thousands of years’ can still get infected. And doing what a caveman did is now proven not just potentially unhealthy, but a risk for human death. And if you are poised and ready to defend it, thinking of yourself, first think about feeding your child on potentially bacterially infected water with feces in it out of an animal trough. Because the paleo diet is not only saying you should do it, but that feces and bacteria and infected water are humans were ‘designed’ to eat, including getting your son, daughter, toddler, or baby to feed off of it. Another Example debunking the paleo diet: Paleo authors tout eating Grassfed beef. Cavemen didn’t have black angus beef. Paleo authors go around talking about avoiding things that are genetically modified, arose by way of agriculture, etc. Well, angus Beef was genetically bred, by way of agriculture, in Scotland in the 1800′s. Sorry, but if you’ve been feeding on Grassfed Beef, believing you were paleo…think again. You’re not paleo. The Paleo Diet isn’t even the same as what ancient humans ate. And the Paleo Diet as pushed on virtually all the blogs and in the books is wholly debunked. It’s a basis for a fad diet, does not match what you were ‘designed’ to eat, but rather ‘designed’ to sell diet books. And Loren Cordain now admits the Paleo Diet leads to paleo dieters being nutrient deficient.)

Indeed, USNEWS & WORLD REPORT and a panel of actual qualified nutritionists and medical experts and scientists ranked the paleolithic diet in a review of all the major diets in 24th place. Unfortunately the number of diets analyzed was also 24. In other words, The Paleo Diet came in LAST. The Paleo diet is now officially nutritionally rated as medically the worst diet out of all those tested. The paleo diet failed every heatlh category.

Sadly, those who are less informed but who readily believe testimonials and anecdotes that it works and those cheering it mostly in comments posted on diet chat boards, and those who are easily duped by articles by paleo-bloggers that are false but merely appear all ‘sciency’ and ‘scientific-looking’, still often believe it. Even defending it even though the Paleo Diet and its pseudoscience have been debunked for a few years now. (Here’s an example. If you know someone who is extolling Paleo, Try this. One of the founding principles of the paleo diet, is that you are to go back to eating like paleolithic caveman. If cavemen didn’t eat it, it’s not paleo and you can’t eat it. An example of this is they condemn grain supposedly because cavemen didn’t eat grain (turns out they did, so paleo is also debunked by that as well). So the idea is that you are told Not to eat anything that was originated after the advent of agriculture, 10,000 years ago. That’s part of the entire basis of the paleo diet. However, paleo dieters will be caught championing "grassfed beef". Except beef isn’t paleo. Cows are genetically bred! Especially Black Angus, Hereford, and more. These are cattle. And they were all produced by genetic manipulation and breeding and were all ‘created’ AFTER the advent of Agriculture, not in paleolithic times. Cavemen didn’t have grassfed beef. In fact, Black Angus was created just in 1843! Sorry, paleos, but cavemen didn’t have it. So you can’t eat grassfed beef. Cavemen didn’t eat it. So if you encounter any friend, co-worker, gym buddy, etc or even someone seen online in comments who starts championing paleo and says they now eat Beef, or especially grass-fed beef and they’re Paleo, you can break the news to them that guess what…they’re not Paleo. In fact they are in Violation of the Paleo diet if they’ve been eating beef. Even grassfed beef. You can’t eat beef on the Paleo diet. Beef isn’t paleo. The meat is from cows. Cavemen didn’t have cows. The meat is genetically bred and engineered. And was created by man, artificially, as recently as the 1800’s, and even today in this decade cattle are being genetically manipulated and engineered. So you can’t eat beef on a paleo diet. If you eat Grassfed beef, sorry to break it to you, but you’re not paleo. You’re an ordinary Standard American Diet-er (SAD) that believed in the Paleo diet. Then, after you reveal the fact to the Paleo diet person and expose that they aren’t even Paleo at all, and then they try to recover and say, "well, I eat mostly Chicken and Turkey anyway, not steak, so I’m still Paleo", then you can reveal that the same applies to Turkey and Chicken. In fact, anyone who thought they were all crossfit and paleo, and were reveling in recipes that included what they thought was a caveman diet including pieces of poultry, turkey or chicken will be sad after they learn that all the chicken, turkey, and poultry they’ve been eating is a modern genetically modified and artifically created product of post-agriculture. As an example, chickens have been genetically engineered to have enlarged breast tissue in order to produce more breast-meat. Turkey is now so genetically altered and manipulated that a turkey today cannot reproduce. It’s too fat. A male turkey cannot physically impregnate any female turkey. Because the turkey that you have been eating comes from birds that were genetically engineered to be of such a shape as to produce more meat on them by the farmers. And now the male and his organ cannot physically reach or fit into the canal of a female turkey. So what is happening now is that virtually all turkeys nowadays have to be artificially inseminated. Turkeys are nowadays so deformed, that they cannot naturally reproduce. If you eat Turkey, especially comically thinking it’s "paleo" what you’ve been eating is meat from animals that are now genetic frankensteins whose torsos are now so deformed that they have to be medically inseminated by man. Sorry, but if you eat chicken, poultry, or turkey, guess what…you’re not Paleo.)

In the same way, Lierre Keith has misrepresented multiple facts incorrectly, her book is full of scientific flaws, things that are completely wrong, things that were debunked, and is now regarded as completely fallacious and discredited.

Aluminum coca cola, diet cola, and sprite bottles
Image by Pauldc
Aluminum coca cola, sprite, and diet cola bottles brought at FAO Schwarz

All products brought while on trip to new york

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