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October 13, 2013 · Posted in Barbecue Foods 

Some cool barbecue foods images:

nc style barbecue
barbecue foods
Image by bunchofpants
They take this stuff really seriously around here. Technically this is "Eastern-style barbecue," (they make it differently in Western NC, with a tomato-based sauce). At any rate, I don’t care for this at all.

The way they make it is by first roasting a whole hog, or sometimes just a shoulder. Then they chop the meat up and put vinegar on it (OK, the vinegar’s got other things in it, like the little red bits you see in the photo, whatever they are). It’s served with cole slaw, which I also don’t care for, some sort of potatoes, Brunswick stew, and hushpuppies. I like the hushpuppies.

Mazza Barbecue Half Chicken
barbecue foods
Image by Andrew Huff
Wow, was this well done. Slightly charred on the outside, juicy and tender on the inside, with a nice spiciness from what appeared to be tandoori spices (hence the pinkish-orange tint).

Mazza BBQ Lounge, 2226 W. Devon Ave.

My first barbecue this year
barbecue foods
Image by muckingfajic

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