Longhorn Barbecue

December 3, 2012 · Posted in Barbecue Foods 

A few nice barbecue foods images I found:

Longhorn Barbecue
barbecue foods
Image by DoubleGrande
We wound up eating here before leaving. The fat wasn’t cooked out of the meat, the sauce was as bland as water, the potato salad was practically raw, and the beans tasted like they’d been cooked in dirty dishwater and sat out for a week to cure. All in all, a place to "steer" clear of. We had Pete’s barbecue last year, and it was "fair"ly good.

Food and football:Patrons enjoy winning combination
barbecue foods
Image by Morning Calm News
Learn More About U.S. Army in Korea

Food and football:Patrons enjoy winning combination

By W. Wayne Marlow

CAMP HUMPHREYS — Patrons had plenty of munchies and drinks to go with their football, thanks to several Super Bowl specials at on-post establishments.

While the New York Giants and New England Patriots exchanged leads, Soldiers, family members, and civilians had pancakes at the USO, steak at the Alaska Mining Company, a breakfast buffet at Veterans of Foreign War Post 10223, and barbecued ribs and noodles at Tommy D’s.

The specials began well before the game started and continued even after the game was over.

Besides pancakes, those in attendance at the USO were treated to another Super Bowl highlight, the commercials, thanks to a computer hooked up to an NFL feed.

Alaska Mining Company featured mostly breakfast items, such as waffles, sausage, and toast, while Tommy D’s started serving later and had ribs, noodles, rice, soup, and salad.

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