Like The Diet Drink of SEVEN-UP Quality

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Like The Diet Drink of SEVEN-UP Quality
Image by Majiscup – The Papercup & Sleeve
1960s. Dixie Cup div. of American Can Co., Easton, PA.

Raw Pork Meat in Bloody Butchery of Corpses
Image by
Free picture of the raw pork meat in a bloody butchery of pig corpses. This meaty photo of the Asian butcher was created for you by the wholesome friend and it can be used for free, if you link as the original author of the image.

Bloody, raw meat of pork is often sliced in a clean butchery. The corpses are red, so that it is a good sign of freshness for the Chinese butcher in the Asian Island of Penang in Malaysia. Penang is located in a Muslim-dominated country, but it has found a way to understand other cultures and religions. People can be a strict Muslims and tolerate pork in Malaysia as long as they are not eating it intentionally. The people from the villages are often afraid of pork or dogs, but the people from the cities are more moderate about the interpretation of the Islamic scripts. They understood that the world consist of multiple cultures and can live with that pretty well.

The fresh meat is scary for a non-vegan or a non-vegetarian even. The anti-vegetarian and anti-vegan friends of meat consumption would probably enjoy this picture of carnivores who love steak as regular food. The meats in this shop of the butchers is organic, because the market for pork meat is smaller in Malaysia, so it can be focusing on good quality for best diet that is free from chemicals.

This beautiful shop has been processing dead swine bodies for multiple generations and is non-halal, which is a job for another company store that is located in the same district . The big wooden chopper is used for small cuts of fillet that is for direct sale to customers.

The meatless bones from the cadaver products are used directly for soups or sold to a wholesale customer for cheap. The gourmet lovers of pig often look away from butchering of swine and pigs but still eat the meat.The work of this Asian butcher is bloody and dirty, there is no doubt about that.

Since millenniums animals are killed by people or are hunted. Through this originate, perhaps, after processing, meat products like salt meat or sausages. The meat of the animal becomes direct on killing the same is processed without letting cool it before.

Matured meat holds at room temperature only very much restricted, why above all in very based on the division of labour economies like the industrial nations a complete chill chain is necessary to avoid bacterial ruin.

In Germany the meat consumption per head lay in the late Middle Ages yearly with more than 100 kilogrammes. During the following centuries he went down on and on and reached in the 19th century the lowest value from on an average 14 kg of meat. Between 1961 and 2007 the meat consumption rose in Germany of on an average 64 kg on 88 kg per head and year.

Vegetarians consume no meat from ethical, health and/or ecological motivations. Besides, Veganer consume no other food of animal origin like milk, eggs or honey. In addition, you refuse the use of all animal products, thus, for example, wool, leather and fur or certain cosmetics.

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