Inuit Got Cancer From Paleo Diet

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A few nice diet images I found:

Inuit Got Cancer From Paleo Diet
Image by AncestralHealthSymposium
Paleolithic Inuit Autopsy results: Inuit had cancer.

01 – The inuit were confirmed to have cancer, while eating a purely native paleo diet.

02 – The inuit were riddled with carcinoma, while eating a diet consisting of natural grassfed meats.

03 – The aboriginal inuit while on their primal diet were found to have extensive bone lesions.

04 – The inuit had children with damaging birth defects while eating the paleolithic type diet.

05 – The inuit were found to have given birth to a child with downs syndrome (sloped forehead, demented) while on paleo diet

06 – Inuit bodies were found stricken with perthes disease, a wasting disease causing disintegration of the leg bone (hip), and may have gone limp. Potential osteoporosis from animal protein based diet.

07 – A woman, following the traditional primal solution diet, was potentially infected with severe breast cancer.

08 – The inuit cancer in the woman had metasticized and spread throughout her body in multiple lesions while eating paleo "caveman" type diet.

09 – All of the individual’s teeth had fallen out, while eating paleo, and appeared to be infected with gum disease.

10 – While on the meat based paleo diet, they got infected with pinworms – small parasites living in their abdomen, and colon, often sourced from ingesting meat. Eating meat from native wild animals can lead to gut parasite infestations.

11 – All of the paleo inuit meat-eaters were teeming with head lice – nits. As well as egg-larvae.

Thus, the inuit are now confirmed to have cancer, birthdefects, bone wastage, meat parasites, and lice.

The inuit grew tumours and cancer all during the time they were eating a primal native paleolithic diet. Their child suffered being born with stunted brain function and genetic abnormalities.

Note that there have been numerous claims that inuit don’t get cancer, or don’t have any cancer. Then when it is revealed that the inuit indeed not only get cancer, but the inuit have some of the highest rates of cancers on earth, the next thing you may encounter is another incorrect claim that for some reason this effect is only recent, that the inuit somehow got cancer now, but they didn’t before, and just "started" getting cancer supposedly only after they started eating a Western diet(wrong). This is false.

Please note that every one of these inuit are BEFORE all western contact.

In other words, they got cancer eating a paleo diet, and they were not eating a Western style diet.

In fact, all the individuals above are from 5 centuries ago. They all existed at a time before there was contact from any Westerner so no caucasion or western person could have even introduced any such western processed foods, or grain, or carbs, or SAD diets to these inuit individuals. These inuit got cancer while eating their original, native, aboriginal, natural, traditional, paleolithic style, wild food fish and meat based diet.

Therefore, upon presenting this information herein, any person who attempted to claim that the inuit don’t get cancer, or don’t have cancer, or don’t get cancer, or don’t get cancer on their inuit diet, or only got cancer after western contact, or only started getting cancer after they started eating western diet foods, don’t get sick, or only got cancer after eating plants, or only after they began eating carbs, or modern diets is summarily debunked.

Any individual, any paleo book author, or blog commenter who may write that consuming fish, fish oil, or a paleo style diet stops cancer, prevents cancer, cures cancer, or that individuals on native diets never got cancer, or only started getting cancer after being introduced to agriculture, or processed foods, or western diets, and that ancestral native paleo diets did not result in cancer is hereby shown to be factually and scientifically incorrect.

Autopsies confirm Inuit had cancer while on a native ancestral paleo diet.

The link for this picture, for sharing this information, is:

Mentos & Diet Coke setup
Image by ClockworkGrue
EepyBird, the original Mentos & Diet Coke guys, start setting up for their demonstration

CrossFit on Doctor Oz! Take a Look! – Paleo Diet & Fitness Deficiencies Exposed – Failure of Founder Greg Glassman, Obesity, Weight Gain, Poor Fitness as a result of Non-Vegan PaleoDiet
Image by Paleo-Crossfit-Omnivore-Lowcarb-NonVegan-Meat-Diet
Crossfit has been sued in court. Crossfit irresponsibly hurt and damaged an honored member of the US Armed Forces. Crossfit is a now defunct quack fitness program that was found using horrible and ineffective techniques which are based on unscientific and wrong diet & exercise information that is mainly practiced by those who are not knowledgeable in fitness.

Here is an example why Crossfit is now both the laughing-stock of the fitness world, and also seriously flawed to the point of being harmful to your family, or your child. People are laughing at Crossfit now because of how ridiculous it is, and how improper the training techniques taught in it are, but at the same time, people are even getting worried and even mad at the situation because the horrible and incompetent techniques actually taught and praised in crossfit hurt and damaged someones internal organs, and now Crossfit is trying to recruit people’s children to join it and also perform these improper lifts and routines. So people are now pulling out of Crossfit, leaving the program in droves, and canceling their memberships.

Why? What Happened!? – Crossfit Fitness victimized a US Navyman, damaged his kidneys, causing a severe kidney failure condition called Rhabdomyalisis, crossfit was sued in court, investigation found Crossfit’s techniques were to blame, and the court found Crossfit guilty as charged and crossfit was socked with a judgement against them in court for over 0 thousand dollars.



"Experts in the sports medicine field (military and civilian) have addressed a concern that the program has the potential for causing an increased incidence of musculoskeletal injuries and even muscle breakdown (rhabdomyoloysis) and therefore is not supported by [Navy Center for Personal and Professional Development]"-U.S. MILITARY STATEMENT by Commamder J. Picker, US Naval Center.

The US Military Services have now rejected the use of Crossfit.

In response to the U.S. Military’s statement, what Crossfit did was to *MOCK* the United States armed forces. Crossfit started ridiculing honored patriots, U.S. war veterans, and those that laid their lives on the line for the defense of their country. Crossfit "true believers" bad-mouthed the US Navy, Marines, Army, and Airforce. They blamed the victim, and made a mocking video of the man who was the crossfit victim that they then uploaded to Youtube. The CEO of crossfit then coined a puppet mascot called "Rhabdo the Clown" mocking the fact that they had caused muscle degeneration and organ damage to a member of the US Military, made fun of the victim Makimba Simms, calling him "Makika", and then Crossfit gyms made up T-shirts with a cartoonish picture of a Clown gasping, falling down and wallowing in a pool of green Vomit. The photo below is the CEO and originator of crossfit, Greg Glassman smirking and smiling pointing to one of their T-shirts portraying the muscle degeneration victim as a clown.


"Several physicians, including Walter Reed Army Medical Center neurophysiologist Lt. Col. Mark Landau, concluded that Mimms suffered severe injuries indeed following his CrossFit workout, according to court records. The injuries included rhabdomyolysis, lumbosacral spine strain and strain of the bilateral quadriceps, according to court documents."

"The CrossFit program ended up causing him to urinate blood". Sound good for a program intended to make your child more fit?

The judgement found all 3 Crossfit trainers liable and responsible for professing techniques known to lead to damage to human health.…

What was worse, is the the owners and everyone involved with Crossfit tried to blame the Navyman. They tried to say it was all his fault, that he did it to himself, that it was only something that happened to him and it was his problem, and he was doing it wrong, and it was a pre existing condition, and other people dont have it happen to them so it’s only him and his fault, and tons of other excuses. They tried to defend Crossfit and victimize the tough Navyman. The problem was, investigation into Crossfit and their fitness teachings and classes revealed otherwise. And the court judgement was final. Awarding damages to cover the medical expenses and hospitalization and organ & muscle damage to the victim to pay his medical expenses. Crossfit even tries to get people to sign away their rights when you join. Crossfit has a waiver and disclaimer that they force your son or daughter to sign, and without knowing, they now try to get out of responsibility and fair legal damages. In other words, Crossfit now has formed an entire legal section in order to fight you, if their failed paleo zone crossfit fitness techniques damage your child.

Here’s an idea of an example. You know when people say when lifting something Never lift with your back, Always lift with your legs? Well Crossfit would be hypothetically out there teaching your child to go out and lift with their back. Why aren’t you supposed to lift with your back? Because one wrong shift and it can cause severe damage to your spine, from which you may pay for the rest of your life. Don’t think so? Don’t believe it? Right now still think Crossfit is great and all geared up ready to defend it? First GO VIEW THIS:

That is a video of the Crossfit Fitness training program and what goes on in there. Look at how the members are being taught to lift. Ok, if you’re a current fitness person, and you know anything about lifting, right now, after seeing that you are cringing in absolute HORROR. Anyone who has done the least bit of olympic lifting knows what is seen in that Crossfit video could result in serious physical fitness damage. Even if you have absolutely no experience in powerlifting, anyone can see that something in those lifts is awkward and seriously wrong. That’s ALBANY CROSSFIT. That is one of the leading most well-known Crossfit gyms in the nation. Note that that’s not only what is being professed there, but the members are being absolutely *goaded* into doing it. The gym is not only incompetent. And then professing these false and improper techniques and teaching crossfit recruits to do this, they are using peer-pressure in order to push, compete, and shame members into doing it, and doing more of it. That’s not just helping an individual learn to become fit anymore. Like having an individual perform a lift alone with a trainer in a corner of a gym for health. What they are doing, is bullying, goading, and setting people up to compete against one another, in a dangerous fashion, and then insinuating that if they can’t do it, they are poor, down shodden, wussies, and wimps, and can’t handle it, and are somehow too weak, and invoking shame and humiliation in order to get them to go beyond their capacity. There’s a crowd of onlookers cheering and goading and pointing at them and enticing these people in Crossfit in order to perform these lifts incompetently, and then expressing disappointment in them if they can’t do it, and then taunting them that they can’t do it, and cheering them to do it again, and lift even heavier. Remember, this is horribly improper technique that is being "taught" all across Cross-Fit on the verge of sheer fitness incompetence, that can get these people seriously injured! Cracked spinal cords, fractured spinal column, disc displacement, blown out knees and ACL’s requiring arthroscopic surgery, damage to tendons and ligaments, permanent muscle damage, muscle tears, ripped and torn biceps, or weights coming down on people’s necks, or throat.

Here’s the thing. If you have some person doing it on their own, then that’s that person’s responsibility, but when you join a membership group, such as Crossfit, who is professing and touting to teach people, and they’ve taken people’s money with the expectation of engaging in a fitness technique which is claimed as being "certified" then it’s now the responsibility of the Organization to take ownership of what is conducted and what happens to the member who was promised something. It’s now the responsibility of Crossfit and crossfit’strainers what happens because the member was goaded into joining under these premises, and crossfit has now taken money for it.

As you see in that video, someone has taken the video footage of the activities that are conducted within Crossfit, and actually put the Benny Hill clownish theme music on top of it. This is because Crossfit is now known as the Laughing Stock of the Fitness world. People wouldn’t be caught dead joining crossfit now. Crossfit is being ridiculed as funny, preposterous, and filled with completely incompetent training, and new members who don’t have a clue and don’t realize that Crossfit’s being made fun of, and then there’s long-time members who are so incorrectly taught that they actually defend Crossfit unwittingly thinking it’s "great!".

But aside from Crossfit now being the butt of endless jokes about Crossfit people all across the nation, the problem is, it’s not just funny, it’s incompetent, horribly irresponsible, and it’s going to end up getting somene hurt. Or, rather, it ALREADY DID end in someone getting hurt. And they hurt an American Patriot causing him virtually irreversible muscle and organ damage. And the court ruled on his side against Crossfit.

Do you have a daughter who has gotten into crossfit? Did you know that Crossfit is now encouraging eating-disorders? Crossfit gyms are now bragging about vomiting either before, during, or after you workout. Ever heard of a fitness program where part of the program is that you may Vomit? Well, welcome to crossfit, where puking up chunks of their diet plan is part of what goes on. So they teach a now known defunct eating and diet plan called the Paleo Zone diet, which is based on the now debunked Caveman diet which was found to be scientifically debunked, and potentially lead to heart disease, cancer, kidney damage, intestinal worms, crossfit members getting herpes warts, and gastric problems…then you throw chunks of it all up. Sound like a fitness plan where they know what they’re doing? No. And in fact, Crossfit may end up being the gateway where peer pressure, body image, goading, and bulemic harmful diets and so forth develops into a pathological eating-disorder in your daughter. Or even in your son. Didn’t know this? Don’t think so? Well, just go do this…

Put this in Google: "Crossfit Puke Bucket" – and click search. Look what comes up.

You will see hundreds of search hits coming back showing Crossfit Gyms bragging that they vomit. Yes. There’s vomit and throwup in the Crossfit fitness gyms. Wanna go? Wanna check out the bathroom sinks in a Crossfit facility and wash your hands or face in there? Crossfit gyms brag about you participating in the workouts they’ve prescribedfor you and then you throwing up chunks and pieces of their paleo diet into what’s known in their gyms as a "Crossfit puke bucket". It’s a vomit receptacle that they keep in the gym. Where members doing crossfit throw up in it. Crossfit Gyms smell like regurgitated meat and acrid human vomited fumes. (As well as body odor). Feeling good now? Making you want to eat their esteemed Caveman Paleo diet right now while you are imagining the smell of human vomit and women’s and men’s BO?

The Paleo Diet touted by Crossfit gyms has been rated by Nutrition Experts as the WORST diet. An entire panel of medical doctors and experts in nutrition analyzed just about every diet from the DASH diet, to Nutrisystem, to Eco-Atkins, to the Mayo Clinic diet for heart health, to diets for weightloss, obesity, and fitness, to Vegetarian and Vegan diets, to WeightWatchers, over 24 diets in all… This was conducted by an entire panel of experts by US NEWS & WORLD REPORTS. What happened? The Paleo diet extolled by Crossfit came in LAST. Paleo was found the most unscientific, debunked, and severely scientifically flawed unhealthy diet out of the entire list of diets they tested in the world. Paleo came in last. 24th out of the 24 diets tested. The worst diet for human health. See, the problem is, the Paleo diet is based on a false principle that gets people believe that somehow the paleo diet was "mankind’s original diet". And somehow you were evolved or meant to eat paleo. If you believe that, it’s false. The "Paleo Diet" being professed is NOT even what cavemen ingested at all. Crossfit gets people to believe they are somehow evolved over millions of years(false) to eat this and it’s what you were desinged for, but the diet they profess is not even the same as the real paleolithic things that cavemen ate in the first place, so that part is even false too. Here’s an example: Crossfit touts "grass fed beef" as part of their paleo diet saying that’s what cavemen ate(wrong), and you are forbidden to eat anything that came about more recently than the advent of agriculture 10,000 years ago(wrong). Guess what…Cavemen didn’t have cows. One more time: Cave men were now cowboys, herding around cattle. They didn’t even have herds of cattle. So their touted Paleo diet is not even what cavemen ate. So they go around telling you to eat like a caveman, and this is the diet you evolved to eat for millions of years, then they sneak in things that cavemen didn’t even actually eat. Want more? Did you think on a Paleo diet you could eat a black angus steak? Nope. Sorry, if you are a follower of the Paleo diet, sorry, you can now not eat black angus steak. Why? Because Paleo says not to eat anything that has arisen merely in the age of agriculture (like grains), well, guess what. Black Angus steak was genetically bred. Not natural. And the cows were only created in 1843. Yeah, the 1800’s. Sound like the paleo era to you? No. So if you have gone paleo, you can now no longer eat Grassfed or Angus meat. Except for the fact that Paleo people are touting it, and so is Crossfit. In other words, it’s scientifically false. They’ve told you one thing, the truth is another thing. The Paleolithic diet factually incorrect and based on pseudoscience (fallacious info doctored up to "appear" like they are all scientific, yet they are all false, but trick a lot of people into believing it’s scientific.)

Here’s another one. Water is a nutrient. It’s not only part of a diet, it’s possibly one of the MOST important. Hydration. And one of the most important in fitness! Now enter the Paleo diet cheered by Crossfit. Ok, Crossfit and Paleo say you are designed perfectly for, and evolved to, eat what cavemen ate for thousands and millions of years. Well guess what…Cavemen drank pond water. Cavemen drank out of watering holes where potentially other animals went, and peed in it. And shat in it, and bathed in it washing off ticks, and bacteria, and dried pieces of feces, and bugs. Guess what, if you’re paleo, you have to drink it. (Think of soupy water with the smell of wet dog with potentially pee and poop particles floating in it). Well, ancient humans in the African savannah drank it. And by the reasoning of Paleo diet authors, Crossfit trainers, and anyone claiming paleo is the way humans were meant to eat, that’s what you are to gulp. Sound good?

In Crossfit, on a Paleo Zone diet, you would truthfully NOT be permitted to drink tap water. This means you can’t drink out of the water fountain in the gym to hydrate yourself. You can’t bring tap water from your house, or even drink any water from your faucet in your house if you’re following Paleo. Why? Cavemen didn’t have treated water. You can’t drink disinfected water. You have to go outside the gym, or out of your house, and drink out of a puddle. That’s what cavemen did. And according to the paleo diet, you are actually DESIGNED for that. Oh, and also you can’t drink bottled water either. That’s been purified and disinfected. You cannot drink gatorade, electrolytes, vitamin water, power ade, or any other sports drink. You have to go outside and find a river, or stream, hopefully NOT infected with cryptosporidium, and put your mouth down to the ground and sip up the water, algae, muck, twigs, leaves, bug parts, worms, parasites, or anything else. Afterall, according to paleo, drinking water potentially infested with worm eggs and larvae, pinworm eggs, fecal droppings, urine, ecoli bacteria, salmonella, is what you did for millions of years and so you should be not only "ok" but you are "designed" for it, and also you should have your child and baby do it. Paleo says drinking this not only won’t hurt you or your family, but in principle says this should be MORE healthy for you, drinking animal backwash, than today’s water. Enjoy. Now you begin to see how the basic fundamental principles of the entire Paleo diet are flawed. And why Paleo was discovered to be a false ruse concocted to appear all scientific, up until it was found out that its creator was not even a Paleontologist or an Archeologist and had never even been on an archeological dig. In fact, the Creator of the Paleo Diet went around using the title "Dr." and then it was found out he isn’t even a real doctor (M.D.) It turns out he only got a PhD, and got a "doctorate", which he then used to go around calling himself "Dr". He’s not even certified to practice medicine or make claims about people’s medical health. He has never seen the effects of heart damage, or operated on anyone to find out what the Paleo diet does in terms of nutrition. And it turned out that Loren Cordain, the originator of the so-called Paleo diet only has a degree in "gym". He has no authority to practice medicine or to give medical advice, in fact if he does, he could be convicted, and all the paleo diet mastermind had was schooling in "exercise". His degree is in Phys Ed. He’s a glorified "gym" teacher, who put "Dr" in front of his name and is professing to tell the world what all of mankind throughout all the history of the planet earth ate. And if you bought into it, you now know you just got duped. It’s was a ruse to buy his book.

Now, let’s pretend you are not that educated in actual nutritional science yet, and you still truly believe in paleo, and you believe now that eating loads of meat and steak from a cow that didn’t exist is exactly the same as Fred Flintstone eating pieces of a Mastodon, and still believe that ingesting loads of cholesterol is healthy, you were built and designed for it, and will make you thin, muscular, and amazingly athletically fit…Well, let’s look at the actual results….

Crossfit brags about, professes, teaches, and extolls the paleo diet. This is what they TELL and teach everyone to do. So there should be no better example of the epitome of the effectiveness of the Crossfit exercise plan and paleo zone diet than none other than the originator of Crossfit himself: Greg Glassman. Greg Glassman is the CEO, owner, and operator of the entire Crossfit movement, that is telling you that if you follow his exercise and diet, you’ll be fit like a neanderthal! Ok, let’s take a look at this fit, athletic wonder:


The CEO of Crossfit is horrifically obese. Greg Glassman, following his own words of Crossfit and Paleo has become athletically unfit, fat, and unhealthy. He has grown bellyfat. He now has a paunch "pooch" stomach. A ballooned-out gut. The owner of Crossfit now sports man-boobs from his estrogenic paleo meat diet. Even grassfed Meat creates estrogenic substances called Heterocyclic Amines when grassfed beef is cooked. One of them is called "PhIP" which is estrogenic to males. In other words, if you are a man, and you eat grassfed beef, it slowly leads you to grow fat and more feminized. The natural substances in Grassfed meat contain compounds that can effeminize men. Eating the meat in a paleo diet, which contains "PhiP" or 2-amino-1-methyl-6-phenylimidazo [4,5-b]pyridine (PhIP), is now known to effeminze boys and men. Don’t think so? Take a look at the CEO of Crossfit himself. He has sloping shoulders, a flappy chest with fatty tissue reminiscent of Gynecomastia. The president of Crossfit has what’s known in slang as "Manboobs". He has grown wider hips. Wide hips are out of place on a man. Those are usually physiologically for women for pregnancy and child-birth. But Greg Glassman now has large wide feminine hips.

The leader of all Crossfits around the world is now sickly looking, pale skinned, unhealthy looking, out of shape, weak-looking, and now has a lack of muscle tone. He hardly has any muscle. He should stand as the shining example of the results of Crossfit exercising, and eating on a Paleo diet, however it has slowly resulted over time in him growing physically unfit, growing body girth, visceral fat around his abdominal area, effeminized womanly pelvis, degenerated muscle tissue, pale unhealthy skin, and is practically morbidly obese. What happened?

Here’s the thing, you may think you are in a plan that is physically fit for now, but this is unstustainable. The unfortunate fact is that you probably started off with an even more horrible diet, lacked exercise, then you joined crossfit and ate paleo which merely only got you to start exercising and not overeating, then you began to lose weight simply by those things which could have been part of *any* workout program in the world, as you can see because there are hundreds of testimonials from other plans too, and countless ab-contraptions sounding the same testimonials vowing that they worked, as you think right now, but what you don’t realize, is that all that weight is slowly going to creep back on. People on lowcarb touted it to work, but they only showed results for the first 3 to 6 months. That’s what the book authors want you to see. But when researchers went back and saw what happened after a year later, they were surprised. All of the lowcarb dieters had lost all their gains, they had gained all the fat and weight back after a year’s time, and more. Some were even fatter than they started off. In addition, what atkins and lowcarb dieters don’t know is that it’s causing problems internally that they can’t see. You can’t see the damage in the mirror. You appear fine on the outside, thinking things are great, meanwhile you’ve thrown your body into a dangerous state of what’s called ketosis. Eating a high-protein diet, deficient in carbs, actually begins teaching your body to use protein to burn. Burning protein as fuel because there are no carbs to burn. This teaches your own body to burn muscle. It depletes muscle. People think that eating meat and protein builds muscle, but in fact, eating a lowcarb diet with mainly protein and fat is actually teaching your own body to use protein as its fuel, so you’ve actually taught your body to digest itself. Your body now needs to use your own muscle tissue to operate, breaking down and destroying your muscle tissue. So you thought eating protein and lack of carbs was great for building muscle, but what you’ve actually done is taught your body to begin eating itself, weakining your muscles, making muscles smaller, incapable of lifting high loads, and weakining endurance and causing poor fitness.

The Truth about Crossfit

The end result of following Crossfit & the PaleoZone diet is exemplified by the very inventor of Crossfit himself, Greg Glassman, who should stand as a shining example of Crossfit and Paleo diet’s results: fat gut belly, rounded sloped feminine shoulders, wide womanly hips, lack of muscle tone, pale pastey skin lacking healthy color, and athletically unfit.

And now you know. Know anyone who’s into Crossfit? Just bought some silly Vibrams Five-Fingers toe-shoes not knowing they are like the "mullet" of the exercise world? Better not show them this. Crossfit, Movnat, Paleo and Vibrams is like the guy who shows up at the pool wearing a yellow spandex man-kini stretchy bathing suit. They’ll be heart-broken when they see that the thing they were so enthused about, and thought was so great, turns out to be a living farce and that Cross-fit and Paleo diets are now known as the laughing-stock of the athletic and fitness world.


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