Crossfiit Bodybuilding using Paleolithic Diet Forum Boards Non Vegan Caveman Bodybuilder Robb Wolf

August 17, 2012 · Posted in Diet 

A few nice diet images I found:

Crossfiit Bodybuilding using Paleolithic Diet Forum Boards Non Vegan Caveman Bodybuilder Robb Wolf
Image by Paleo-Caveman-Omnivore-LowCarb-Meat-Diet-Info
How to use the Paleo Diet and Crossfit to become a huge massive muscular bodybuilder.

Learn how calisthenics such as jumping around, WOD, and burpees can deplete your muscle mass, and paleo diet food such as grassfed beef are now linked to diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, and colorectal cancer.

But you can still get an inflatable plastic muscle suit and wear it out to your favorite nightclubs or to the gym.


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Japanese diet?
Image by showbizsuperstar
I dont know if i can get used to this japanese diet….

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