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September 9, 2011 · Posted in Recipes 

A few nice recipes images I found:

Recipe File
Image by George

I’ve started a tumblr thingy to document/digitize/transcribe the contents of Grandma’s Recipe File, one of the few treasures I kept with me when I left Adelaide, almost 10 years ago.

After leaving home in something of a rush back in 2003, I eventually jettisoned most of the belongings I’d accumulated over 30 years, after having kept them in storage in Adelaide for a year or two after I left.

Amongst the few things I ended up bringing with me to the New World are:
– a small wooden rainbow Mum gave me ages ago,
– a stone mortar and pestle I bought for cheap at an Asian grocery,
– Grandma & Grandpa Oates’ cutlery that still makes me think of her Sunday lunches and afternoon teas and cornflakes with warmed milk,
– a chef’s knife I can’t remember when I bought that has the right heft,
– a handful of important photographs, and
– some CDs that have various meanings from various times.

Recipe Book from 1913
Image by Martin Escalante
Unlike other recipes, you can actually rely on these! Pretty weird, can anyone tell me why it was drawn in this way? Also like my friend Ian pointed out, the tie is in a completely wrong spot, if its supposed to be a NECK tie. I am thinking maybe I a missing part of it, maybe it came with some clothes to dress her up.

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