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August 4, 2012 · Posted in Recipes 

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top 10 healthy (and gluten-free!) memorial day recipes
Image by elana’s pantry
Memorial Day weekend is a great time for picnics and barbecues. I’m sharing my top ten favorite festive dishes for this great little three day weekend.

These gluten-free memorial day recipes are perfect for warm weather parties. Packed with nutrition as well as flavor, this simple, healthy grub will wow your guests.

Alex is back in the kitchen 🙂 (+recipe!)
Image by AlextheC@t
Swordfish with cherry tomatoes of Calabria, fagiolini, salad, and black olives of Provence.

Recipe 🙂

Tomatoes are cooked for 30′ in the oven at 160C with garlic, then the oven is brought down to 120C and the swordfish goes in for 35′, after giving it a bathe of olive oil (a couple of spoons) and a pinch of salt. If you want you can pass in in a pan for a while when it comes out. Meanwhile you can prepare the salad, the briefly boiled fagiolini, the black olives and the tomatoes in the dish and then cut the swordfish (but it could be also a salmon if u like:) and dispose it over the veggies. et voila!
I didn’t mention quantities because they really depend on how many and how hungry you are 🙂 this time it was for two and we had a fillet of fish each and then just enough vegetables to fill the dish..
You can garnish with mayonnaise on a separate dish if u want!

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