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November 12, 2011 · Posted in Low Carb Recipes 

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More of those Organic Grapes-On-Steroids… (with recipe)
low carb recipes
Image by I Love Egg
Lightly Seasoned Veggies Recipe
–bell peper
–baby corn (I used canned)
–Enoki Mushrooms (again, canned)
–Sun dried tomatoes
–olive oil
–ground pepper

Place a pan with olive oil inside on low- medium heat and add all the ingredients in apart from the ground pepper in it.
Pour in enough hot water (boiled or tap works) to just cover the bottom of the pan. This steams the bell pepper to soften them a little more and slightly re-hydrates the sun-dried tomatoes. Cover and leave for 5mins.
Take off the pan lid and let all the water evaporate away. Sprinkle with black pepper to flavour.

*After this I re-used the oil to fry the chicken…I’m not sure if you’re really allowed to do that with olive oil, but it all worked out 🙂

Under the chicken n veggies are some noodles to fulfill that carb need.

Toasted pine nuts
low carb recipes
Image by Kirsten Loza
This was used in a recipe which is a low-carb version of tabbouli. Recipe is posted here.

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