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August 25, 2011 · Posted in Healthy Food Choices 

Some cool healthy food choices images:

40+263 Penance
healthy food choices
Image by bark
Making up for a weekend of crap food choices. See!? I do eat good things too!

Healthy Eating ….. (259/365)
healthy food choices
Image by Steve Tolcher
Anyone who knows me, knows that I am into healthy eating and am always banging the drum where diet and exercise are concerned!

I was reading some pretty shocking statistics about how some children are not only not getting enough fresh fruit and vegetables each day – but some are even struggling to correctly identify certain fruits when they are presented with a picture of them. Shocking …..

Like most children, my girls are given the odd packet of crisps, sweets or chocolate here and there, but we always have plenty of fruit on hand as a first choice. Francesca is particularly fond of Bananas – or "Narnna’s" as she refers to them!!

Here she is devouring one earlier!

Gross freezer food.
healthy food choices
Image by enderisnotmyrealname
Healthy Choice and Lean Cuisine sodium bombs in the freezer at work. These are neither healthy nor lean.

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