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Worlds Best Bodybuilder is a Vegetarian – Comparison with Arnold Schwarzenegger – The Case against Lowcarb Atkins Meat vs Vegetarianism Diets – 4
Image by Vegetarian-Vegan-Bodybuilding-Info
Worlds Best Bodybuilder is a Vegetarian – Comparison with Arnold Schwarzenegger Case against Lowcarb Atkins Meat Diet 333 – 4

The Atkins Diet, in a recent review by health experts ranked nearly in last place. The Lowcarb Atkins diet ranked 19th out of all 20 diets. (The only one more debunked was the Paleo Diet which was found to be scientifically false by actual paleontologists).

Carbs have now been revealed as Good for you. Wheat is good for you, not bad for you. This was all a hoax by diet book authors to sell you things. Don’t believe it. For example, actual doctors found that eating whole wheat grain actually protects you from colon cancer. People who stop eating wheat fibre and grains had an increased risk of 20% higher chance of getting a cancer infected bowel. (Yes, it’s cancer up your rear end if you go Paleo or Lowcarb).

It was revealed that Paleo Diet authors were using an allergy that barely affects 1 out of 133 people, called celiac’s disease, which is genetic, not gained from eating gluten, in order to trick the masses into believing that no human was designed or evolved to eat grains. This is false. Paleo authors like Robb Wolfe, Loren Cordain, Gary Taubes, etc all used an allergy that only affects a tiny number of people, to dupe people into thinking everyone’s affected, you’re not.

Think of it this way, this exact same idea ‘proves’ that mankind ‘is not designed’ to eat fish and meat. Because as you may know, some people who eat seafood, shellfish, and even red meat, can go into what’s called ANAPHYLACTIC SHOCK. That’s where their eyes, face, and throat swell up and they need to get to a hospital before they suffocate. Well, that means humans were not evolved to eat fish. Or meat. In fact, if anything, meat and seafood is worse because unlike wheat and grain, anaphylactic shock from eating meat can result in death! Celiac is just discomfort. Eating meat results in human death.

In any case, the anti-grain wheat-o-phobe paleos were found to have made up that story and made it believable using the celiac disease hoax in order to get less-educated people to believe it. Actual medical institutions reviewed this and found that it is precisely the kind of whole grain fiber in Wheat, and not in the paleo diet , which helped protect those who eat whole wheat, like vegetarians, from cancer. Anyone on Paleo and believing the grain hoax can end up with a doctor’s finger up your seat testing for rectal disease, then a sigmoidoscopy, followed by even an incision to remove a section of your colon, and perhaps wearing a colostomy bag on your side holding your expelled feces until you can reach a location to dump it. Fiber is needed in the diet to keep things moving smoothly out. Paleo is deficient in this nutrient. So are lowcarb diets such as South Beach Diet, Atkins, ProteinPower, The PerfectHealthDiet, and Lowcarb. In addition, the meat of these diets contains feminine hormones that effeminize men, meat contains sulphur compounds which make meat-eaters have horrible BO and bodily gas, meat is linked to throat cancer, and stops up your behind.

By the way, Robert Atkins is dead. Some say Killed by his own Atkins diet. Atkins claimed eating meat, fat, and a diet deficient in carbs was great for your heart, and you’d lose weight, but Atkins died, from hitting his head due to a possible stroke from high fat, and his autopsy record shows he weighed an immense 258 pounds at the time of death! (Hint: That’s obese) Diet doctor Obese. Put that one in the Quack files.

Oh, and Atkins Nutrition filed for bankruptcy. And now Atkins in light of medical evidence has changed their diet to "New Atkins" in which they are now recommending less fat, bacon, protein and meat.

Of course, vegetarians knew this all along. plants help protect against cancer, and increase athletes muscle endurance, athletic fitness, and this is yet another reason why…

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"Food is an important part of a balanced diet."

Fran Lebowitz

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