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Some cool diet images:

Inuit Got Cancer on Paleo Diet – Arctic Eskimo showed Carcinoma, Stunted brains, bone loss, perthes disease & lice infection – Weston Price, Crossfit, Ancestral Paleolithic Diet Ruled Harmful
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Now Verified: The Inuit got cancer while following a Paleo Diet. Native Inuit on a pre-contact diet of meat and fish ended up severely diseased. Meat also carries parasites, thus It was also found that all the native Inuits bodies were infested with head lice and at least one had internal intestinal pinworm infestations inside their gut.

With regard to the now-debunked paleo-diet, it has now been found that as per the authors of the paleo diet books, not one of them was a real paleontologist. One prominent "Paleo" author who put "Dr" on the front of his name, Loren Cordain, turned out not to be a medical doctor at all, but had been using "Dr" merely because one can use it merely if you get a PhD. And it turned out his PhD was in nothing more than "Exercise". In other words, the author of the Paleo Diet book that was going around, was not originated by a person who has any qualification in paleo science at all, he was essentially a fitness instructor. A "Gym" teacher. He had never once been on a certified archeological dig. Not a paleontologist. And this paleo diet book ‘doctor’ would be cited by authorities if he were to attempt to even practice health medicine as a doctor. Yet he was believed by many people less-educated in paleolithic science who believe man’s ancestors ‘always ate meat’ or that one is ‘designed’ for it.


QUOTE: In "the general palaeontological world ‘Lucy’ represented a species called Australopithecus afarensis, she was a VEGETARIAN"-Paleo Anthropologist – Don Johanson, part of the Leakey Team in Africa that discovered the bones of our human ancestors.

Don Johanson is in fact the discoverer of our ancient ancestors, including Australopithecus Africanus "Lucy".

QUOTE: "If there is any legacy here it is that we have an African legacy," he said. "We have a common origin, we have a common beginning, and I think it’s about time we recognized that we all have this common ancestry."-Don Johanson, Paleontologist.

In other words, actual archeologists have found that our ancestors had vegetarian diets. These aren’t "fad diet book" authors. These are the actual scientists who have actually done archeological digs. Including the discoverer of Australopithecus. The discoverers of these fossils state that man’s ancestors were vegetarian, not akin to blog authors who are merely such things as ‘fitness trainers’ and who attempt to write that man’s diet was mainly meat-based. Those are not real paleontologists, and some of them have never even been on an archeological dig. Actual paleontologists now contend that man’s ancestors, such as Australopithecus afarensis, were mainly vegetarian.

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i’ve been on a super health kick lately, trying to lose the rest of the weight to reach my ultimately weight-loss goal. i just recently busted through my final plateau weight, which is awesome. people have been asking how i’m doing it…and here is your answer: eggs benedict served over fried potato skins instead of english muffins. man, i love dieting. 😉

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