Cool Diet images

December 15, 2011 · Posted in Diet 

Some cool diet images:

diet coke with raspberry
Image by Brenda Anderson
I had this bottle of raspberry diet coke in the pantry. Looking for inspiration for the Utata Drinks It Up project, I thought I’d open it and use it for this other photo. We started talking about Coke in NZ, so I did a search and discovered that Raspberry Coca-Cola was a limited release, available only here in New Zealand, and manufactured for only 6 months (June-Dec 2005). So now, bottles of diet raspberry coke are a rarity and have been fetching or so on ebay. I wonder if anyone wants my now half empty bottle? 🙂 It’s a rarity!

Diet Police fridge magnet
Image by lydiashiningbrightly
Stop!…step away! The Diet Police are here to patrol the usage and contents of any fridge.

Diet Coke Can
Image by computerjoe
This is a Diet Coke can, which I modified in Lightroom

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