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August 5, 2011 · Posted in Diet 

A few nice diet images I found:

Diet Pills
Image by Dave W Clarke
Diet Pills playing at The Musician, Leicester, UK.

Dieting Sucks
Image by petekraynak
"Dieting Sucks – Get the BAND for Weight Loss"

Unbelievable. I saw one of these in Hollywood a few weeks ago and when I went back to take a pic it was gone. I am so happy I saw this one. I almost can not believe this is a real advertisement.

Forget dieting. Forget being healthy. Eat all the cakes, donuts and cheeseburgers your stomach can take then get the BAND for Weight Loss. NO PROBLEM!!! bleh.

Diet Coke
Image by Svadilfari
Diet Coke in the back room of the Family Convenience Store in Douglas, Masachusetts.

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