Cool Diet images

June 6, 2011 · Posted in Diet 

Some cool diet images:

Diet at Dusk
Image by Nokton
The Japanese Diet at dusk, Uchisaiwaicho, Tokyo.

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Taken with Leica D-Lux 4 at 24mm handheld.

friday afternoons — a foray into the land of diet coke and computer science
Image by justonlysteve
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alternate title: aspartame is *not* bad for me.

spent the afternoon reading more about delta debugging and trying to have more of a breakthrough in my research. current trace alignment approach is mediocre, at best. it’s easy to lose focus sometimes, so i use diet coke to keep me going. now this foot business seems to be gradually improving it’s nice to regain some of my concentration. very much looking forward to my trip to panama over winter break.

about the shot setup: had a lot of diet coke cans and bottles that i was about to recycle and i had a stack of research papers to re-read. i took a plate, crumbled up some napkins and coffee grounds, threw it on the table and framed the shot while rearranging various cans and bottles for optimal messiness.

macbook pro still in the shop, installed trial of capture nx 2 on mac mini and edited this photo on my tv : )

strobist info: sb600 shot into silver umbrella behind camera. obvious natural lighting from windows to left of camera and in front of camera.

Diet Laxatives
Image by apalapala
One blowout of a diet plan…

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